What To Expect From Pokémon In 2022 (2022)

The Pokémon franchise, including the video games and Trading Card Game, has a lot in store for 2022. From Pokémon Legends: Arceus to Sword & Shield - Brilliant Stars, the series is primed to keep up the momentum from 2021’s 25th anniversary celebrations. 2021 saw the release of New Pokémon Snap, the highly anticipated sequel to the 1999 classic Pokémon Snap, and Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, remakes of the Nintendo DS Diamond and Pearl games. The TCG joined in with sets like Fusion Strike and Celebrations to coincide with the milestone 25th anniversary, which also saw the release of special Pokémon Center merchandise and even music collaborations with artists such as Katy Perry and Post Malone.

2022 promises to be another great year for the series, starting with January’s release of Pokémon Legends: Arceus, following up on Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl by taking place in the Sinnoh of the past, the Hisui region. While Legends: Arceus introduces new Hisuian forms of older Pokémon, Brilliant Stars will introduce the VSTAR mechanic into the TCG to align with Sinnoh’s celestial themes. Pokémon’s mobile titles, including Pokémon GO, also have plans for 2022.

While games like Pokémon GO always have events planned due to their constantly updating nature, the other games of the franchise usually approach matters one at a time. Legends: Arceus is currently the only upcoming Pokémon video game fans are aware of, although it’s still possible to predict what 2022 may hold after it releases. ThePokémon TCG, on the other hand, announces plenty of products ahead of time, although specific details aren’t given until their release draws closer. Although the rest of 2022 is ahead of them, fans already have plenty to look forward to in the new year when it comes to Pokémon. There may not be as much of a specific reason to celebrate like during 2021, but Pokémon still won’t be slowing down in 2022.

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The next mainline Pokémon game, Pokémon Legends: Arceus, will release on Nintendo Switch on January 28. The game will focus on exploration and capturing Pokémon and feature a new way of battling compared to previous Pokémon games. Because it is set in the past, Pokémon Legends: Arceus characters are ancestors of well-known existing NPCs, such as Commander Kamado being the ancestor of Professor Rowan. In addition to discovering the new Hisuian regional variants of classic Pokémon, such as the new Normal- and Ghost-type Hisuian Zorua and Zoroark, fans will get the opportunity to meet the ancestors of some of their favorite Trainers, too.

Fans are also looking forward to the new style of gameplay that Legends: Arceus has to offer. While the series’ classic formula has lasted on an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” principle, fans are still excited to see what Pokémon can achieve when deviating from the norm. The gameplay and even visuals of Legends: Arceus have been compared to BotW, further adding to players’ excitement. With its January launch, Legends: Arceus will start the year off right for Pokémon fans.

2022 May (Or May Not) Have A New Mainline Pokémon Game

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With the exciting new possibilities opened up by Legends: Arceus, fans naturally can’t wait to see what the mainline Pokémon series has in store next. 2022 may see a reveal of the next mainline game, although such information may not see the light of day until much later in the year. Because of the unprecedented nature of Legends: Arceus, it isn’t clear what direction the series will move in next, although fans have certainly come up with plenty of ideas.

Although there’s usually a long gap between remakes, such as the seven-year wait between Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire and Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, the gaps could be attributed to the games initially releasing on different consoles. But because Black and White, the fifth generation Pokémon games, released on the Nintendo DS just like Diamond and Pearl, fans can’t be sure if these titles will receive remakes sooner rather than much later. Generation 5 is also known for having direct sequels in the same generation, which adds further complexity to remaking them compared to past Pokémon titles.

It’s just as likely that the Let’s Go series may continue after Legends: Arceus with a foray into the Johto region. Another option could be the release of the next new Pokémon generation, which would benefit greatly from the Nintendo Switch’s success. If the mainline front stays quiet, though, the series may come out with some spin-off games to fill the gap between main releases.

Pokémon TCG Live Will Release In 2022 (If It Isn't Delayed Again)

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Pokémon Trading Card Game Live was meant to release in 2021 as an updated way to collect and play the TCG online. Because it was delayed, players have continued to play using the aptly named Pokémon Trading Card Game Online application.PTCG Live’s delay announcement mentioned plans to release in 2022. Although there’s no reason to suspect it will get delayed again, anything is possible due to current global pandemic conditions. If it does get delayed once more, players still have PTCGO to fall back on without worry.

(Video) Everything You NEED to Know about the Pokémon World Championships 2022! Complete Guide!

Pokémon TCG Products Releasing Early In 2022

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The first big Pokémon TCG product of 2022 is the Leafeon VSTAR and Glaceon VSTAR Special Collection. On January 28, these boxes will launch to give players an early look at the new Pokémon card VSTAR mechanic that will be fully implemented in the upcoming Brilliant Stars set. Each box will be $29.99 and come with one promo card of the respective Eevee evolution, a jumbo version of the same card, one VSTAR marker, and five booster packs.

Fans can look forward to a “Pikachu V Box” on February 11, just before the release of Brilliant Stars. The $19.99 box will feature a Pikachu V promo card and jumbo card, as well as four booster packs. Other confirmed products have their release aligned with the launch of Brilliant Stars on February 25. A new “Stacking Tins” product will launch that same day. These tins are nearly cube-shaped, and they can be stacked on top of each other. Each tin will be $12.99 and come with three booster packs and one coin. The first three tins will be themed around different Pokémon types: Grass-type, Water-type, and Lightning-type.

Ultra PRO will be releasing card portfolios themed after Brilliant Stars as well. The first is a portfolio with 10 four-pocket pages and two pages with pockets that fit jumbo-sized cards. This $7.99 product features Arceus on the front and Shaymin on the back. Ultra PRO’s second card portfolio, with Charizard on the front and Whimsicott on the back, has 14 nine-pocket pages and will retail for $11.99.

Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield - Brilliant Stars Set In 2022

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Sword & Shield -Brilliant Stars will be the Pokémon TCG’s first main set in 2022. It is slated to release on February 25, a little less than a month after Legends: Arceus. The set will have VSTAR Pokémon, including Arceus, Shaymin, Whimsicott, and Charizard. Brilliant Stars is also confirmed to have a “Trainer Gallery” subset of 30 cards. These cards will come from the Japanese VMAX Climax set’s “Character Rare” and “Character Super Rare” cards, which are full art cards featuring the card’s Pokémon and their Trainer. However, VMAX Climax includes nearly 70 Character Rare and Character Super Rare cards. It’s currently unclear exactly which of these cards will be included in Brilliant Stars’ Trainer Gallery subset, but fans are predicting the missing character cards will make their appearance in June’s special set.

Pokémon TCG Special Set In June 2022

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Special Pokémon TCG sets, like 2021’s Pokémon Celebrations set, are usually released in February. There isn’t much information about the special set that is currently slated to release on June 17, except that it will feature a new type of product named “Team-Up Collections.” Based on the number of Character Rare cards that will be missing from Brilliant Stars, combined with the product name implying the Pokémon featured may be teaming up with their Trainer, it’s possible that the Team-Up Collections - and the rest of this special set - may include the Character Rare cards that Brilliant Stars won’t be able to include.

Pokémon TCG 2022 Products Without A Confirmed Release Date

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A set of League Battle Decks featuring Corviknight V and Lycanroc V are confirmed to be releasing sometime in 2022. These decks will be $14.99 each or bundled together with eight extra Trainer cards for $29.99. A second Pokémon Battle Academy box is also expected to release in 2022. The three 60-card decks that Battle Academy 2 will include feature Pikachu V, Eevee V, and Cinderace V. This box set designed to teach newcomers how to play Pokémon TCG will likely retail for $19.99 like its 2020 counterpart.

(Video) Pokemon Presents - Official Full Presentation (August 3, 2022)

Ultra PRO will also be releasing Pokémon TCG accessories featuring the Fairy-type Pokémon Swirlix, Clefairy, Galarian Rapidash, Jigglypuff, and Togepi in a forest setting. The collection includes a four-pocket album, nine-pocket album, nine-pocket PRO binder, a two-inch binder, card sleeves, a deck box, and a playmat. The card sleeves will likely come in a set of 65 like other Ultra PRO products.

It’s Uncertain If There Will Be A New Pokémon Movie In 2022

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Since 1998, one Pokémon movie has been released in Japan every year, with a single exception. The latest Pokémon movie, Secrets of the Jungle, was originally going to release on July 10, 2020, but was delayed due to the global pandemic. Instead, it was released in Japan on December 25, 2020, with an English Netflix release on October 8, 2021. Since then, there have been no hints as to the next feature-length Pokémon movie.

As with Secrets of the Jungle, it’s not unprecedented for a Pokémon movie to be announced and released in the same year. It’s possible that 2022 will see a new Pokémon movie if initial reveals are made early on. If trailers are released later in the year, it’s more likely that the next Pokémon movie will release in 2023 instead. Although both scenarios are possible at this point, it’s still likely that the next movie will be hinted at in some fashion, if not outright revealed, in 2022.

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What To Expect From Pokémon In 2022? ›

The official Pokémon Twitter page states that there is going to be talk of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. With those being the big upcoming Pokémon games, expect them to be the main focus of this direct. The announcement also confirms that there will be updates on other Pokémon games and apps.

What is the Pokémon of the year 2022? ›

With Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet coming in November of 2022, plenty of new fan favorites will soon be added to the storied franchise. Thanks to an official poll that came out after Sword & Shield, fans know who the most popular Pokémon are before Scarlet & Violet are released.

What Pokemon game should I get in 2022? ›

1) Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver

Originally released on the Game Boy Color, the second generation games are arguably the best of them all. After Gold and Silver, Crystal came along as the third entry and improved it even further.

What Pokémon sets are coming out in 2022? ›

  • Sword & Shield Series September 09, 2022. Sword & Shield—Lost Origin.
  • Sword & Shield Series July 01, 2022. Pokémon GO.
  • Sword & Shield Series May 27, 2022. Sword & Shield—Astral Radiance.
  • Sword & Shield Series February 25, 2022. ...
  • Sword & Shield Series November 12, 2021. ...
  • Sword & Shield Series October 08, 2021.

Will there be a new Pokemon game in 2022? ›

The next generation of Pokémon games have just been announced and will be making their way to Nintendo Switch on November 18, 2022. Revealed during "Pokémon Presents" on Pokémon Day (February 27), "Pokémon Scarlet" and "Pokémon Violet" will feature three new Gen 9 starter Pokémon and a new region.

Each year Nintendo has an amazing Nintendo Direct in the summer that showcases upcoming games, projects, and sometimes even hardware. Here's everything we expect to see during this year's presentation

Every other big gaming studio has had a presentation by this point as we've waded through what is usually E3 season, however, things have remained quiet on Nintendo's front.. It's only a matter of time before we get an announcement for an impeding Nintendo Direct and this is what we expect to see.. Nintendo hasn't announced a date yet either, but we will update when we learn more.. Nintendo Direct (Image credit: Nintendo)There are so many projects currently being worked on within Nintendo studios and while we know that some games are slated to release in 2022, many don't have specific dates.. Breath Of The Wild 2 Ghost Hand (Image credit: Nintendo (screenshot))We'll undoubtedly get more information on Link's upcoming adventure in the near future and it wouldn't be surprising for it to happen at the biggest Nintendo Direct of the year.. In 2019, we were shown three additional Pokémon for Sword and Shield, so it's not out of the question to expect to see some of the new Pokémon for Scarlet and Violet as well as a look at battling and multiplayer mechanics at a Not-E3 2022 Nintendo Direct.. Metroid Prime (Image credit: iMore)Believe it or not, Metroid Prime 4 was first announced five years ago during E3 2017.. A release date seems like just the sort of thing that Nintendo would reveal at the big Not-E3 Direct.. Fans have been waiting eight years for another Bayonetta game, and it's likely they'll get more information on this title this summer.. We might hear about new modes and mechanics, and potentially get some information on an updated roadmap for what kind of events to expect once the game launches.. In addition to the spin-off, it's about time that Nintendo revealed a new Fire Emblem game for the main series.. It wouldn't be surprising at all for the next one to make an appearance during the Not-E3 Nintendo Direct.

Beim Pokémon GO Fest stehen Freundschaft und die Community im Mittelpunkt. Deshalb ist es nur logisch, dass in diesem Jahr das Mysteriöse Pokémon Shaymin, das auch als das Dankbarkeits-Pokémon bekannt ist, beim Event erscheint. Am Samstag, den 4. Juni 2022 und am Sonntag, den 5. Juni 2022 gibt es tolle Boni und ihr könnt mit Trainern aus aller Welt zusammen Belohnungen freischalten. Das und noch vieles mehr erwartet euch!

Juni 2022 dürfen sich Trainer mit und ohne Ticket für das Event von 10 bis 18 Uhr (Ortszeit) auf die folgenden Inhalte freuen:. Ihr erhaltet eine Spezialforschung, um mehr über das Mysteriöse Pokémon Shaymin in Erfahrung zu bringen.. Die folgenden Pokémon werden zusätzlich zu den Pokémon der jeweiligen Habitatstunde von Rauch angelockt, wenn ihr ein Ticket besitzt:. Am Samstag ist diese Chance höher als am Sonntag.. Juni 2022 dürfen sich Trainer mit und ohne Ticket für das Event von 10 bis 18 Uhr (Ortszeit) auf die folgenden Inhalte freuen:. Nach Abschluss der kurzen Spezialforschung, die für alle Trainer verfügbar ist, erhalten Ticketinhaber eine weitere Spezialforschung, für die Belohnungen und Begegnungen mit besonderen Pokémon winken.. An beiden Tagen des Pokémon GO Fest 2022 erwarten Trainer mit und ohne Ticket für das Event die folgenden Inhalte:. Milza erscheint am Samstag und Sonntag in Raid-Kämpfen der Stufe 1.. Trainer, die ein Ticket für das weltweite Event im Juni gekauft haben, erhalten kostenlos ein Ticket für das Abschluss-Event.. Ihr müsst euch während des Event-Zeitraums am Samstag und Sonntag einloggen, um die Spezialforschung für den jeweiligen Tag zu erhalten.. Nach dem weltweiten Event finden noch Live-Events zum Pokémon GO Fest statt: vom 1. bis 3.. Juni 2022 und am Sonntag, den 5.. Tickets für das Pokémon GO Fest sind für 14,99 USD† erhältlich.. Mit einem Ticket werden die Gameplay-Inhalte für Samstag, den 4.. Juni 2022 und Sonntag, den 5.

If you're hoping to best the toughest Team GO Rocket leader this month, you'll need the best Pokémon GO Sierra counters for August 2022. The lineup changed this month.

Now that we're into the second half of the year, Sierra's team has finally changed up again.. The Pokémon that have been chosen to counter it now are quite tanky Pokémon, so you will most likely survive the attacks Shadow Lapras has in store for you.. Houndoom is weak to Fighting, Ground, Rock and Water-type Pokémon.. Here's a list of Pokémon and their moves that counter Houndoom.. To receive the honour of battling Sierra, you'll first need to defeat six Team Rocket Grunts.. Players will also have the opportunity to catch a Team Go Rocket Leader Shadow Pokémon.

Sword and Shield what? If you still haven't gotten your PokéFix, here are the Best Pokémon ROM Hacks ever made. Can you catch all 19?

It has three games so far:. Pokémon Brown is one of the ROM hacks based on the original Pokémon Red .. Apart from that, it is worth knowing that this ROM hack features new Mega Evolutions and also a new kind of creature – Relic Pokémon.. Pokémon Omega Red is another ROM hack of the original Pokémon Fire Red , but lots of new features were added to the game.. For instance, you have here all 807 Pokémon (including the ones from newer areas) in the Kanto region when this story takes place.. You just need to explore many different areas from all the regions to catch them all!

Spotlight Hour Pokémon details, as we get them

The next Pokémon GO Spotlight Hour will be on Tuesday 19th July 2022 at 6pm - 7pm in your local time-zone The chosen Pokémon is Staryu The chosen Pokémon will appear more frequently in the wild for the duration of the event The featured bonus for the hour of the event is 2x Transfer Candy. Ssince April 2020, Niantic has combined the Pokémon GO Spotlight Hour and Pokémon GO Mystery Bonus Hour into a single weekly event that takes place on Tuesday evenings.. A significant increase in spawns of the featured Pokémon Increased spawns mean increased odds of encountering a Shiny version of the featured Pokémon (Note: these are not indicated on the map - you must tap the Pokémon to see whether it's a Shiny version ) A temporary modification from the Mystery Bonus, similar to the bonuses enjoyed during Community Day events (so double XP, reduced egg hatching times, Candy or Stardust increases, etc.). You should make sure you have:. Enough Pokéballs and Pinap Berries to catch and evolve Spotlight Hour Pokémon Extra Ultra Balls and Razz Berries on hand to nab any hard-to-catch Pokémon that pop up Lures to draw the featured Pokémon to you might be a good idea, although Spotlight Hour events don't increase Lure time like their Community Day counterparts, so you'll only get 30 minutes from a Lure Sufficient space in your Pokémon Storage Box for all the Pokémon you're going to catch - you only have an hour, remember, so don't waste it doing admin you could have done beforehand Lucky Eggs, Star Pieces and Super Incubators on standby (depending on the nature of the bonus). 2020 4th Feb - Onix 11th Feb - Spoink 18th Feb - Generally increased spawn rates 25th Feb - No event 3rd Mar - Generally increased spawn rates 10th Mar - Generally increased spawn rates 17th Mar - Generally increased spawn rates 24th Mar - Generally increased spawn rates 31st Mar - Generally increased spawn rates 7th Apr - Purrloin 14th Apr - Magnemite 21st Apr - Wobbuffet 28th Apr - Pidgey 5th May - Shellder 12th May - Sunkern 19th May - Poochyena 26th May - Bronzor 2nd Jun - No event 9th Jun - Patrat 16th Jun - Numel 23rd Jun - Clefairy 30th Jun - Kricketot 7th Jul - Taillow 14th Jul - Zubat 21st Jul - Oddish 28th Jul - Buizel 4th Aug - Horsea 11th Aug - Sableye 18th Aug - Venipede 25th Aug - Geodude 1st Sep - Eevee 8th Sep - Houndour 15th Sep - Tentacool 22nd Sep - Spearow 29th Sep - Skitty 6th Oct - World Cap Pikachu 13th Oct - Original Cap Pikachu 20th Oct - Shuppet 27th Oct - Duskull 3rd Nov Cubone 10th Nov Jigglypuff 17th Nov - Meowth 24th Nov - Barboach 1st Dec - Seel 8th Dec - Swinub 15th Dec - Explorer Pikachu 22nd Dec - Snorunt 29th Dec - Snover. 2021 5th Jan - Lillipup 12th Jan - Drifloon 19th Jan - Shroomish 26th Jan - Phanpy 2nd Feb - Ekans 9th Feb - Miltank 16th Feb - Luvdisc 23rd Feb Pikachu 2nd Mar - Krabby 9th Mar - Drowzee 16th Mar - Voltorb 23rd Mar - Surskit 30th Mar - Slugma 6th Apr - Buneary 13th Apr - Mankey 20th Apr - Grimer 27th Apr - Finneon 4th May - Cottonee 11th May - Dratini 18th May - Alolan Rattata 25th May - Marill 1st Jun - Dwebble 8th Jun - Abra 15th Jun - Slowpoke 22nd Jun - Swinub 29th Jun - Aipom 6th Jul - Bulbasaur 13th Jul - Charmander 20th Jul - Squirtle 27th Jul - Natu 3rd Aug - Magnemite 10th Aug - East Sea Shellos 17th Aug - West Sea Shellos 24th Aug - Skwovet 31st Aug - Wooloo 7th Sep - Spoink 14th Sep - Baltoy 21st Sep - Skitty 28th Sep - Alolan Meowth 5th Oct - Drifloon 12th Oct - Gastly 19th Oct - Gothita 26th Oct - Murkrow 2nd Nov - Cacnea 9th Nov - Chinchou 16th Nov - Turtwig 23rd Nov - Chimchar 30th Nov - Piplup 7th Dec - Electabuzz 14th Dec - Magmar 21st Dec - Snover 28th Dec - Cubcho. 2022 4th Jan - Solosis 11th Jan - Diglett 18th Jan - Plusle 25th Jan - Minun 1st Feb - Litleo 8th Feb - Spritzee 15th Feb - Koffing 22nd Feb - Voltorb 1st Mar - Cubone 8th Mar - Exeggcute 15th Mar Growlithe 22nd Mar - Sudowoodo 29th Mar - Paras 5th Apr - Stunky 12th Apr - Bunnelby 19th Apr - Oddish 26th Apr - Sunshine Form Cherrim 3rd May - Wingull 10th May - Numel 17th May - Magikarp 24th May - Seel 31st May - Pikipek 7th Jun - Nosepass 14th Jun - Mantine 21st Jun - Spinarak 28th Jun - Pikachu wearing a Pokémon TCG hat 5th Jul - Ledyba 12th Jul - Machop 19th Jul - Staryu 26th Jul - Meditite. 2020 6th Feb - 2x Catch Stardust 13th Feb - 2x Raid XP 20th Feb - 2x Catch Stardust 27th Feb - No event 5th Mar - 2x Catch XP 12th Mar - 2x Catch Candy 19th Mar - 2x Transfer Candy 26th Mar - 2x Evolution XP 2nd Apr - 2x Catch Stardust 7th Apr - 2x Catch XP (Mystery Bonus Hour combined with Spotlight Hour from here on) 14th Apr - 2x Catch Candy 21st Apr - 2x Transfer Candy 28th Apr - 2x Evolution XP 5th May - 2x Catch Stardust 12th May - 2x Catch XP 19th May - 2x Catch Candy 26th May - 2x Transfer Candy 2nd Jun - No event 9th Jun - 2x Evolve XP 16th Jun - 2x Catch XP 23rd Jun - 2x Catch XP 30th Jun - 2x Catch Candy 7th Jul - 2x Transfer Candy 14th Jul - 2x Evolution XP 21st Jul - 2x Catch Stardust 28th Jul - 2x Catch XP 4th Aug - 2x Catch Candy 11th Aug - 2x Transfer Candy 18th Aug - 2x Evolve XP 25th Aug - 2x Catch Stardust 1st Sep - 2x Catch XP 8th Sep - 2x Catch Candy 15th Sep - 2x Transfer Candy 22nd Sep - 2x Evolve XP 29th Sep - 2x Catch Stardust 6th Oct - 2x Catch XP 13th Oct - 2x Catch Candy 20th Oct - 2x Transfer Candy 27th Oct - 2x Evolve XP 3rd Nov - 2x Catch Stardust 10th Nov - 2x Catch XP 17th Nov - 2x Catch Candy 24th Nov - 2x Transfer Candy 1st Dec - 2x Evolve XP 8th Dec- 2x Catch Stardust 15th Dec - 2x Catch Candy 22nd Dec - 2x Transfer 29th Dec - 2x Evolve XP. 2021 5th Jan - 2x Catch Stardust 12th Jan - 2x Catch XP 19th Jan - 2x Catch Candy 26th Jan - 2x Transfer Candy 2nd Feb - 2x Evolve XP 9th Feb - 2x Catch Stardust 16th Feb - 2x Catch XP 23rd Feb - 2x Catch Candy 2nd Mar - 2x Transfer Candy 9th Mar - 2x Evolve XP 16th Mar - 2x Catch Stardust 23rd Mar - 2x Catch XP 30th Mar - 2x Catch Candy 6th Apr - 2x Transfer Candy 13th Apr - 2x Evolve XP 20th Apr - 2x Catch Stardust 27th Apr - 2x Catch XP 4th May - 2x Catch Candy 11th May - 2x Transfer Candy 18th May - 2x Evolve XP 25th May 2x Catch Stardust 1st Jun - 2x Catch XP 8th Jun - 2x Catch Candy 15th Jun - 2x Transfer Candy 22nd Jun - 2x Evolve XP 29th Jun - 2x Catch Stardust 6th Jul - 2x Catch XP 13th Jul - 2x Catch Candy 20th Jul - 2x Transfer Candy 27th Jul - 2x Evolve XP 3rd Aug - 2x Catch Stardust 10th Aug - 2x Catch XP 17th - Aug - 2x Catch Candy 24th Aug - 2x Transfer Candy 31st Aug - 2x Evolve XP 7th Sep - 2x Catch Stardust 14th Sep - 2x Catch XP 21st Sep - 2x Catch Candy 28th Sep - 2x Transfer Candy 5th Oct - 2x Evolve XP 12th Oct - 2x Catch Stardust 19th Oct - 2x Catch XP 26th Oct - 2x Evolve XP 2nd Nov - 2x Catch Candy 9th Nov - 2x Transfer Candy 16th Nov - 2x Catch Stardust 23rd Nov - 2x Catch XP 30th Nov - 2x Catch Candy 7th Dec - 2x Transfer Candy 14th Dec - 2x Evolve XP 21st Dec - 2x Catch XP 28th Dec - 2x Catch Candy. 2022 4th Jan - 2x Transfer Candy 11th Jan - 2x Catch Stardust 18th Jan - 2x Catch Candy 25th Jan - 2x Transfer Candy 1st Feb - 2x Evolve XP 8th Feb - 2x Catch Stardust 15th Feb - 2x Catch XP 22nd Feb - 2x Catch Candy 1st Mar - 2x Transfer Candy 8th Mar - 2x Evolve XP 15th Mar - 2x Catch Stardust 22nd Mar - 2x Catch XP 29th Mar - 2x Catch Candy 5th Apr - 2x Transfer Candy 12th Apr - 2x Evolve XP 19th Apr - 2x Catch Stardust 26th Apr - 2x Catch XP 3rd May - 2x Catch Candy 10th May - 2x Transfer Candy 17th May - 2x Evolve XP 24th May - 2x Catch Stardust 31st May - 2x Catch XP 7th Jun - 2x Catch Candy 14th Jun - 2x Transfer Candy 21st Jun - 2x Evolve XP 28th Jun - 2x Catch Stardust 5th Jul - 2x Catch XP 12th Jul - 2x Catch Candy 19th Jul - 2x Transfer Candy 26th Jul - 2x Evolve XP. See Also Pokémon GO Guide & Walkthrough - Type Chart, Evolutions, Raids, Research, Friend Codes And More Pokémon GO Review Guide: Pokémon GO Special Evolutions – How To Get Pangoro, Sylveon, Glaceon, Aromatisse, Slurpuff, Sirfetch’d, Galarian Cofagrigus And More Guide: Pokémon GO Eevee Evolutions Ranked - How To Get Sylveon, Leafeon, Glaceon, Umbreon, Espeon, Vaporeon, Jolteon And Flareon Guide: Pokémon GO – The Rarest Pokémon Including Wild, Shiny, Mythical And Regional Catches Guide: Pokémon Sword And Shield: Pokédex Galar Region Guide: Pokémon GO Mega Evolutions List - How Get Mega Energy. Gavin loves a bit of couch co-op, especially when he gets to delegate roles, bark instructions and give much-appreciated performance feedback at the end.. He lives in Spain (the plain-y bit where the rain mainly falls) and his love for Banjo-Kazooie borders on the unhealthy.

We've ranked the best Pokemon to use in this Pokemon Go great league tier list for PvP, so you don't miss out on the best choices!

Which Pokemon is the best for the great league in Pokemon GO?. Each tier has different types of Pokemon and each has its use in your Battle League team.. Description Altaria is great for both Great League and Ultra League.. It’s only weak against hard counters like Azumaril or Steel-type Pokemon that are common in Great League.. This lets Altaria deal significant damage through shields and even threaten the opponents with charged moves.. Due to STAB, Earthquake deals a significant amount of damage and costs less energy to use.. Description Medicham is also high up in this tier list because it’s considered one of the most powerful PvP Pokemon to play in the Great League in Pokemon GO.. It offers great damage, amazing energy generation, and decent coverage.. It might not be the most effective in PvE, it’s a great Pokemon for the Great League.. Weather Ball has a lower energy cost but effective damage per energy with STAB.. Overall, it’s an amazing Pokemon to use in Great League.. Description Froslass is one of the best PvP Pokemon in this tier list to use in Pokemon GO Great League.. However, Drapion is a decent Pokemon in your Great League team.. Grass Knot costs significantly less energy and deals amazing damage while benefiting from STAB.


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