Tim Hortons Menu Prices - In 2022 - The Pricer (2023)

Tim Hortons, known globally as Tim Horton’s Cafe and Bakeshop, Inc. is a Canadian fast-casual restaurant famous for its coffee and doughnuts. Even though their main specialty is coffee, Tim Hortons has many other food items on their menu, like breakfast items, sandwiches, salads, bread, and many more.

The prices charged by Tim Horton restaurants are much higher than those charged by other regular fast-food restaurants in the industry. In the table below you will find the latest Tim Hortons menu prices.


Cold Beverages

Iced Coffee (Original or Dark Roast)Small$2.99
Iced Coffee (Original or Dark Roast)Medium$3.29
Iced Coffee (Original or Dark Roast)Large$3.79
Iced TeaSmall$2.49
Iced TeaMedium$2.79
Iced TeaLarge$2.99
Soft DrinkSmall$2.39
Soft DrinkMedium$2.59
Soft DrinkLarge$2.99
Iced CappSmall$3.49
Iced CappMedium$3.99
Iced CappLarge$4.49
Iced Capp SupremeSmall$3.79
Iced Capp SupremeMedium$4.29
Iced Capp SupremeLarge$4.69
Iced LatteSmall$3.99
Iced LatteMedium$4.49
Iced LatteLarge$4.99
Iced Mocha LatteSmall$4.29
Iced Mocha LatteMedium$4.79
Iced Mocha LatteLarge$5.29
Frozen Hot Chocolate or Strawberries & CreamSmall$3.49
Frozen Hot Chocolate or Strawberries & CreamMedium$3.99
Frozen Hot Chocolate or Strawberries & CreamLarge$4.49
Frozen Lemonade (Original or Raspberry)Small$2.49
Frozen Lemonade (Original or Raspberry)Medium$2.79
Frozen Lemonade (Original or Raspberry)Large$3.09
Add Regular or Chocolate Whipped Topping$0.99
Add An Espresso Shot$0.99

Hot Beverages

Coffee (Original Blend, Dark Roast or Decaf)Small$2.59
Coffee (Original Blend, Dark Roast or Decaf)Medium$2.79
Coffee (Original Blend, Dark Roast or Decaf)Large$2.99
Coffee (Original Blend, Dark Roast or Decaf)Extra Large$3.19
Tea (Specialty or Steeped)Small$2.59
Tea (Specialty or Steeped)Medium$2.79
Tea (Specialty or Steeped)Large$2.99
Tea (Specialty or Steeped)Extra Large$3.19
French VanillaSmall$2.99
French VanillaMedium$3.49
French VanillaLarge$3.99
French VanillaExtra Large$4.29
Hot ChocolateSmall$2.99
Hot ChocolateMedium$3.49
Hot ChocolateLarge$3.99
Hot ChocolateExtra Large$4.29
Mocha LatteSmall$3.79
Mocha LatteMedium$4.29
Mocha LatteLarge$4.79
Café MochaSmall$2.99
Café MochaMedium$3.19
Café MochaLarge$3.39
Café MochaExtra Large$3.59
Caramel Latte SupremeSmall$3.49
Caramel Latte SupremeMedium$3.99
Caramel Latte SupremeLarge$4.49
Add An Espresso Shot$0.99


Made with Greek Yogurt

Smoothie (Strawberry Banana or Pineapple Orange)Small$3.79
Smoothie (Strawberry Banana or Pineapple Orange)Medium$4.39
Smoothie (Strawberry Banana or Pineapple Orange)Large$5.99
Add Regular or Chocolate Whipped Topping$0.99
Add An Espresso Shot$0.99

Grilled Panini

Meal Includes Medium Chips & Drink

Mozzarella Pesto Panini$5.79
Mozzarella Pesto Panini – Meal$7.79
Bacon Grilled Cheese Panini$6.29
Bacon Grilled Cheese Panini – Meal$8.29
Make It Large Meal$1.89
Substitute Chips for Small Soup$1.99

Handcrafted Sandwiches

Meal Includes Medium Chips & Drink

California Turkey$7.49
California Turkey – Meal$9.49
Turkey Bacon Club$7.49
Turkey Bacon Club – Meal$9.49
Avocado BLT$6.49
Avocado BLT – Meal$8.49
Ham & Swiss$5.99
Ham & Swiss – Meal$7.99
Chicken Salad Croissant$5.79
Chicken Salad Croissant – Meal$7.79
Italiano Grilled Bagel Sandwich$7.49
Italiano Grilled Bagel Sandwich – Meal$9.49
Angus Steak & Cheese$7.49
Angus Steak & Cheese – Meal$9.49
Crispy Chicken$6.99
Crispy Chicken – Meal$8.99
Make It Large Meal$1.79
Substitute Chips for Small Soup$1.99

Grilled Wraps

Meal Includes Medium Chips & Drink

Chicken Fajita Grilled Wrap$5.99
Chicken Fajita Grilled Wrap – Meal$7.99
Steak Fajita Grilled Wrap$6.49
Steak Fajita Grilled Wrap – Meal$8.49
Make It Large Meal$1.79
Substitute Chips for Small Soup$1.99

Grilled Breakfast Wraps

Meal Includes Medium Coffee & Hash Brown

Steak & Cheddar Grilled Wrap$4.99
Steak & Cheddar Grilled Wrap – Meal$7.29
Farmer’s Breakfast Grilled Wrap$4.99
Farmer’s Breakfast Grilled Wrap – Meal$7.29

Hot Breakfast

Meal Includes Medium Coffee & Hash Brown

Sausage Biscuit$4.29
Sausage Biscuit – Meal$6.59
Bacon Biscuit$4.29
Bacon Biscuit – Meal$6.59
Sausage English Muffin$3.99
Sausage English Muffin – Meal$6.29
Bacon English Muffin$3.99
Bacon English Muffin – Meal$6.29
Bagel B.E.L.T.$4.99
Bagel B.E.L.T. – Meal$7.29
Maple Flatbread Panini$4.49
Maple Flatbread Panini – Meal$6.79
Right Start Turkey Sausage & Spinach$4.99
Right Start Turkey Sausage & Spinach – Meal$7.29
Biscuit with Sausage$3.49
Biscuit with Sausage – Meal$5.79
Angus Steak & Egg Biscuit$5.29
Angus Steak & Egg Biscuit – Meal$7.59

Bakery Fresh

Classic Bagel with Butter$1.99
Classic Bagel with Cream Cheese$3.19
Classic Bagels6 Pc.$6.49
Classic Bagels12 Pc.$10.99
Specialty Bagel with Butter$2.59
Specialty Bagel with Cream Cheese$3.49
Donuts6 Pc.$6.49
Donuts12 Pc.$9.99
Croissant (Plain or Cheese)$2.49
Cinnamon Roll$2.29
Timbits10 Pack$2.99
Timbits20 Pack$4.99
Timbits40 Pack$8.99
Classic Cookie$1.69
Filled Cookie$2.49
Greek Yogurt$3.99
Take Twelve Small Coffees$17.99

Lighter Options Under 300 Calories

Greek Yogurt$3.99
Egg White & Turkey Sausage Muffin$4.49
Homestyle Oatmeal (Mixed Berries or Maple)Small$3.49

Sides & Favorites

Soup with Ciabatta BreadSmall$3.99
Soup with Ciabatta BreadRegular$4.79
Chili with CheddarSmall$4.99
Chili with CheddarRegular$6.49
Classic Mac & CheeseSmall$4.99
Warm Kettle Cooked ChipsLarge$2.99

Brand History

The Tim Hortons company was founded by the Jim Charade businessman and by the famous Canadian hockey player Tim Horton, in 1964. Their first restaurant was located in Hamilton, Ontario, and was called Tim Horton Donuts at that time. A few years later it was abbreviated to “Tim Horton’s” and after that, the possessive apostrophe was removed and remained “Tim Hortons”.

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In 1967, Tim Horton and Ron Joyce, a former Hamilton police constable became full partners, after they have already opened two locations.

In 1974 Tim Horton died and Joyce purchased the Horton family’s shares for $1 million and took over as sole owner of the existing chain of 40 locations. He expanded the chain aggressively and quickly in both product and geography selection.

In 1991 the 500th Tim Hortons location was opened.

The great success and expansion of the Tim Hortons chain have brought significant changes to the Canadian doughnuts and coffee restaurant market. Many small chains and independent doughnut shops were driven out of business by this chain.

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Nowadays Tim Hortons has more than 4,940 locations all over the world serving areas such as Canada, Thailand, Egypt, China, Bahrain, Spain, Oman, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, United States, and the United Kingdom. Moreover, Tim Hortons has stores located on at least seven Canadian Forces Bases such as Naval Station Norfolk, Naval Air Station Ocean, Aberdeen Proving Ground, and Kandahar, Afghanistan.

Our review

Tim Hortons Menu Prices - In 2022 - The Pricer (1)As we already mentioned at the beginning of the article, Tim Hortons menu prices are a little bit high but the food served here is worth every penny. The doughnuts are mouthwatering and have a perfect balance of form and taste. Moreover, the cold beverages and coffee are finely handcrafted so you will want to come back again and again for that taste.

Sometimes you may have to wait a little longer for your order because of the long line of clients. But the staff is friendly and accommodating and will prepare your order as fast as possible.

The majority of the Tim Hortons restaurants are designed to have a modern architectural style with a slight classic influence. Large groups of customers can be seated in the dining area.

Tim Hortons FAQs

At what time does Tim Hortons open?

In general, Tim Hortons opens at 06:00 a.m. every day, but it depends on the day of the week and location. It is recommended to verify this information on their official website.

At what time does Tim Hortons close?

Most of the Tim Hortons locations close at 10:00 p.m. from Monday until Sunday. However, it depends on the location and day of the week, so you better check it on their official website.

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Does Tim Hortons serve breakfast all day?

Yes, Tim Hortons does serve breakfast all day. However, it is recommended to verify it at the location you want to go to.

Does Tim Hortons have healthy sandwiches?

Yes, Tim Hortons has healthy sandwiches on its menu. It is recommended to try their breakfast sandwiches served with their whole-wheat English muffins.

Which are the healthiest bagels at Tim Hortons?

Tim Hortons serves a wide variety of healthy bagels and some of them include the Jalapeno Asiago Mozzarella Bagel and the Roasted Garlic & Cheese Bagel.

What is a healthy breakfast item at Tim Hortons?

One of the healthy breakfast items at Tim Hortons is their vanilla Greek yogurt. This contains almond granola and mixed berries.

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What type of milk does Tim Hortons use?

Most of the Tim Hortons beverages are made with almond milk.

Which is the most famous bagel at Tim Hortons?

The B.E.L.T. bagel is the most famous bagel at Tim Hortons.

What is included in the B.E.L.T. bagel?

The B.E.L.T. bagel is made of cheese, bacon, tomato, eggs, and lettuce.

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