The Top Thrift Clothing Subscription Boxes + Vintage Too - TF (2022)

The Top Thrift Clothing Subscription Boxes + Vintage Too - TF (1) by Carley Lake | Last Updated: &nbsp May 29, 2020

My mail is pretty lame. It’s credit card offers, water and power bills, sometimes my college alumni magazine, but rarely anything too exciting. I try to avoid online clothes shopping and reduce my Amazon purchases (Repeat after me: “I do not need another facial serum. I do not need another sheet mask for my feet.) So I went on a hunt to see what companies can bring me joy via my mailbox while keeping me away from overconsumption and focused on my slow fashion journey. Check out the top thrift clothing subscription boxes and vintage subscription boxes.

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1. A Curated Thrift

“A thrift clothing subscription box, curated by the founder of @fashionrewrite (an eco-style blog).”

The Top Thrift Clothing Subscription Boxes + Vintage Too - TF (2)

A Curated Thrift is I think the best of the thrift clothing subscription boxes company run by Julia Meadows from @fashionrewrite. She and her team scour the local thrift shops weekly for those few one-of-a-kind pieces based off your style questionnaire she provides during the signup process.

You can choose between 3 box options:

  • “My Thrift Box” – This box includes 2 thrifted clothing pieces sent directly to your door.
    • Price: $44.95 a month.
  • “My Deluxe Box”: Julia will curate 4 pieces that can be worn together as a mini collection.
    • Price: $59.95
  • “My Vintage Box”: You select from 4 different eras when you sign up. This box includes 1 unique vintage clothing.
    • Price: $34.95

Each box comes with free shipping back in case you need to return or exchange it. (There are no returns for international shipping.)

Use coupon code 2020SUMMER to get 20% off your entire order.

2. Frank and Oak’s Style Plan

“Clothing brand designed in Canada made using low-impact materials and methods that do good for our planet.”

The Top Thrift Clothing Subscription Boxes + Vintage Too - TF (3)

The Montreal-based men and women’s clothing company now has a monthly subscription box, with 20% off in-store and online item prices.

Each month, their expert stylists and “algorithm” (do not know exactly what the algorithm entails) choose quality, eco-conscious clothes (3 items total) from their brand’s selection. You then can actually preview the box and confirm their picks or fine-tune it yourself. If you aren’t feeling the options you can skip that month’s box. Once you receive the box, you have 7 days to decide what you keep.

(Video) I wore the same shirt every day for 3 years.

Price: No monthly fee. Skip a month anytime (it’s free). Each monthly box is subject to a $25 styling fee if you return the entire box. Items range from $29-$149.

Also, we found a nice deal! Get $30 off plus waived styling fee on your first Style Plan box! Code: JUNE30 *Offer valid June 1st until June 30th, 2020 at 11:59pm EST. Coupon is only valid for new members’ first boxes.

3. Material World

“A personal styling service delivering pre-owned designer items at up to 90% off retail.” One of the top thrift clothing subscription boxes.

The Top Thrift Clothing Subscription Boxes + Vintage Too - TF (4)

Material Box provides pre-owned designer items at 90% off retail chosen by personal stylists. Think secondhand and vintage T by Alexander Wang, Max Mara, Issey Miyake, and Common Projects. Each month you receive 5 pre-owned items with free shipping both ways for a $29 styling fee. The fee is credited if you buy at least one item.

Material World pairs you with a personal stylist based on how you fill out your style profile. Check out Material World’s homepage (and above!) to see example customers, their styles, and what they receive in their thrift clothing subscription boxes.

Price: $29 styling fee per box. Items in boxes range from ~ $60 – $400. The styling fee will be credited if you buy an item.

4. Wearwell Conscious Style

“Consciously made clothing, chosen just for you.”

The Top Thrift Clothing Subscription Boxes + Vintage Too - TF (5)

Just tell Wearwell know about your style, your causes, your sizing, and your budget. They take it from there. You’ll receive a link in your email each month to your virtual storefront where you can browse the 6 thrift and vintage items your stylist chose for you for your thrift clothing subscription boxes. With each piece, you’ll get the story of exactly how it’s making a difference in the ways you care about. (Which is pretty awesome education tie-in.)

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Price: $8.50/month. You can apply your membership cost to any item you’d like to purchase.

Now that you have seen the best thrift clothing subscription boxes here is a sneak peek of my article on the best rental services to try out:

1. Rent the Runway

“A subscription fashion service that powers women to rent unlimited designer styles for everyday and occasion.”

The Top Thrift Clothing Subscription Boxes + Vintage Too - TF (6)

The queen of the rental market houses a closet of items for weddings, parties, work, every day, maternity, and also caters to college students with a specific discount.

The company offers 2 membership plans, RTR Update, a “ closet pick-me-up”. This includes one monthly shipment of 4 items chosen by you. RTR Unlimited, its premium membership, is more of an endless closet. Members can rent 4 items at a time and swap them for something new whenever they want.

You can also try on items and talk to team members at their storefronts in NYC, Chicago, Santa Monica, San Francisco, and Washington DC.

Example Designers: Parker, Reformation, Cynthia Rowley, Rachel Zoe, Diane Von Furstenburg, Kate Spade

Prices: $89 for RTR Update and $159 for RTR Unlimited

Location: US

Go to Rent the Runway

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2. Gwynnie Bee

“Gwynnie Bee is a service that offers unlimited styles for women. Raid our closet as often as you like—anytime, anywhere—and never wear the same outfit twice.”

The Top Thrift Clothing Subscription Boxes + Vintage Too - TF (7)

Gwynnie Bee started as a service for sizes 10-32 (thank you for opening up the rental services to most bodies!) and began offering styles for all women sizes 0-32 in January 2018. And it hasn’t stopped catering and providing options for its core, original market.

Items are more every day, work, and weekend than the black-tie wedding.

Example Designers:Karen Kane, NY Collection, Every Body Every Wear, Yumi

Pricing:2 items out at a time for $69


3. GlamCorner (Australia)

“GlamCorner is the dress hire leader in Australia. Rent dresses with confidence from the largest online designer wardrobe. Hire a dress from $39.”

The Top Thrift Clothing Subscription Boxes + Vintage Too - TF (8)

Glam Corner houses 10,000 of event dresses and gowns for weddings, cocktail hour, and race day (yes, it’s a thing in ANZ), with renting available one-off and monthly with its premium membership.

For premium, you can pick 3 items for your box and keep as long as you want. Just return your items to get a box refresh.

Designers: ABS by Allen Schwartz, Frame, Thurley, J Brand, Talulah, See by Chloe

Prices: Premium unlimited is $149 a month. An Alice McCall midi dress $550 retail value for $119 rental, Misha blazer dress $420 retail value for $89 rental

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Location: Australia

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