Krispy Kreme Menu Prices - Doughnuts, Coffee, Iced-drinks & all Specials (2023)

Krispy Kreme is a leading American doughnut and coffee house chain, which has become a customer favorite. It has some amazing dishes up its menu, which keeps on improving time and again adding new drinks and food. To enable customers’ to keep in touch with the Krispy Kreme menu, we have prepared a list with all the details.

Krispy Kreme : A Biggest Doughnut and Coffee Chain

Founded by Vernon Rudolph, Krispy Kreme started small and returned to private ownership under the JAB holding company. Krispy Kreme has over 1000 locations worldwide. The first store opened In 1937 in Salem, North Carolina, and now has its stores in over 26 countries.

Krispy Kreme Menu Prices - Doughnuts, Coffee, Iced-drinks & all Specials (1)

Krispy Kreme grew rapidly after its establishment in the 1970s; it had opened 60 new stores in America. In the 2000s, the chain went international, and by 2012 it had opened its 500th store in the international market.

Krispy Kreme has successfully been able to find its place with customers and has now become a well-known household name when it comes to snacks and savories. Their most loved dishes include the original glazed doughnut and the chocolate doughnut. Krispy Kreme is also known for its coffee, which goes well with its doughnuts.

Krispy Kreme Menu and Prices

Their menu mainly consists of doughnuts and beverages. The doughnuts section has the original glazed doughnut and assorted doughnuts and assorted premium doughnuts. Since the chain is available In several nations, the menu varies depending on which country or state it is in. Now let’s check the Krispy Kreme menu prices of all categories below.

Krispy Kreme Donuts Menu Prices

Doughnuts at Krispy Kreme are available in 3 kinds- first is the original glazed doughnut. The second is the assorted regular doughnut, which has doughnuts like the sugar doughnut, chocolate dream cake doughnut, and the churro doughnut. The third kind is the assorted premium doughnut with doughnuts as the triple chocolate premium doughnut, the Belgian premium doughnut, and the choco mania doughnut. These doughnuts are available in packs of a dozen or more, and you can also buy just one single piece. The Krispy Kreme Donut prices fall somewhere along $1 to $14.99.

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Menu and Prices

MenuSizeKrispy Kreme Donuts Prices
Doughnut Holes24 Pack$3.99
Original Glazed1 Pc.$0.99
Santa Belly, Snowman or Red Velvet Cake (Limited Time)Dozen$11.39
Doughnut HolesCup$1.99
Doughnut Holes48 Pack$5.99
Assorted Varieties1 Pc.$1.09
Assorted VarietiesDozen$8.99
Specialty Doughnut1 Pc.$1.29
Original GlazedDozen$7.99
Santa Belly, Snowman or Red Velvet Cake (Limited Time)1 Pc.$1.29
Specialty DoughnutsDozen$11.39
Double Dozen Deal – Original Glazed and Assorted Varieties2 Dozen$14.99

As there is no particular Krispy Kreme breakfast menu at the restaurant, you can have any of the above donuts of below mentioned items for your breakfast.

Krispy Kreme Hot Beverages

Krispy Kreme has a wide section of beverages for its customers. First up is their hot beverage section. It has drinks as- different types of coffee like bagged coffee, brew box, latte or cappuccino, hot chocolate, and hot tea. The Krispy Kreme coffee price is just below $2. See the complete beverages menu and prices below.

Coffee Blends (Smooth, Rich, or Decaf)Medium$1.79
Add Espresso or Flavor Shot$0.50
Hot ChocolateLarge$2.99
Hot TeaMedium$1.79
Latte or CappuccinoMedium$2.99
Brew Box 96 oz.$11.99
Hot TeaLarge$1.99
Coffee Blends (Smooth, Rich, or Decaf)Small$1.59
Hot TeaSmall$1.59
Hot ChocolateMedium$2.69
Coffee Blends (Smooth, Rich, or Decaf)Large$1.89
Latte or CappuccinoLarge$3.49
Bagged Coffee12 oz.$7.99
Latte or CappuccinoSmall$2.49
Hot ChocolateSmall$2.39


Espresso is something that everyone loves, and Krispy Kreme gives us enough options in this segment. It has different types of espresso. First up is their mocha, caramel latte, vanilla latte, or hazelnut latte espresso available in 3 sizes- small medium and large.

Second, it has the peppermint mocha in hot, iced, or frozen, again available in 3 sizes. Peppermint mocha is available only for limited hours during the day. Third, there are the fruity flavors espresso in strawberry and lemon. It, too, is available for a specific period and in 3 sizes. The Krispy Kreme menu prices of Espresso range between -$2.99 to $3.99.

Peppermint Mocha – Hot, Iced or Frozen (Limited Time)Large$3.99
Mocha, Caramel Latte, Vanilla Latte, or Hazelnut LatteLarge$3.99
Mocha, Caramel Latte, Vanilla Latte, or Hazelnut LatteSmall$2.99
Peppermint Mocha – Hot, Iced or Frozen (Limited Time)Small$2.99
Mocha, Caramel Latte, Vanilla Latte, or Hazelnut LatteMedium$3.49
Peppermint Mocha – Hot, Iced or Frozen (Limited Time)Medium$3.49

Krispy Kreme Drink Menu – Cold Beverages

For its cold beverages section, it has soft drinks, bottled water, bottled juice, and milk. The prices are between – $1.29 to $1.79.

Bottled Soda$1.79
Bottled Water$1.79
Soft DrinkSmall$1.39
Soft DrinkLarge$1.79
Soft DrinkMedium$1.59
Bottled Juice$1.79

Iced Beverages

It has iced tea, iced coffee, bottled iced coffee, and frozen lattes- mocha, caramel latte, vanilla latte- which are available in three sizes and for a limited period. The Krispy Kreme Coffee menu and other beverages prices fall between – $1.39 to $3.99.

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Iced TeaSmall$1.39
Bottled Iced Coffee$2.49
Iced CoffeeLarge$2.19
Iced TeaMedium$1.59
Frozen Lattees – Mocha, Caramel Latte or Vanilla Latte (Limited Time)Small$2.99
Frozen Lattees – Mocha, Caramel Latte or Vanilla Latte (Limited Time)Medium$3.49
Frozen Lattees – Mocha, Caramel Latte or Vanilla Latte (Limited Time)Large$3.99
Iced CoffeeSmall$1.89
Iced TeaLarge$1.79

Kool Kreme

Under this section, it has items as the doughnut sundaes and the very vanilla or deep chocolate cones at prices- $1.69 and $3.39, respectively.

Doughnut Sundaes$3.39
Cones (Very Vanilla or Deep Chocolate)$1.69

Krispy Kreme Prices of Chillers

Complete Krispy Kreme menu with prices of Chillers is tabulated below.

Fruity Flavors – Lemonade or Strawberry (Limited Time)Medium$3.29
Fruity Flavors – Lemonade or Strawberry (Limited Time)Large$3.79
Fruity Flavors – Lemonade or Strawberry (Limited Time)Small$2.79

Krispy Kreme Drive Thru Menu

The drive-thru facility at Krispy Kreme is available only at select stores. Some customers find the drive-thru facility to be time saving and quick. All in all, the food offered at Krispy Kreme is loved and enjoyed at all times. All the items provided in the restaurant menu is available for drive thru. However, during the drive thru they will let you know the availability of menu item you requested.

Krispy Kreme Specials

Specials at Krispy Kreme are nothing but its Speciality Donuts. You will get those as chocolate dipped doughnuts and cake doughnuts. Krispy Kreme dozen price of Speciality Donuts is around $11.39.

Specialty Doughnut1 Pc.$1.29
Specialty DoughnutsDozen$11.39

Also, it offers specials during some events. At that time it offers free donuts or it gives BOGO offers.

Krispy Kreme Nutrition Facts

Krispy Kreme calories of all the items won’t be listed in the menu. You can just know the food items and prices in its menu card. So, to check theKrispy Kreme menu calories, fat, sugar content, proteins, and other contents refer this Krispy Kreme menu nutrition before making the order. If you are looking for the Krispy Kreme allergen menu, you can take the help of this nutrition menu and see the foods used in the items you are about to order. You can even ask at restaurant for the ingredients info and ask them to prepare as per your requirement.

Krispy Kreme Gluten Free Menu

Even if you are gluten sensitive, you can enjoy the donuts at Krispy Kreme. They are now offering the item Krispy Kreme Copycat in its menu which are nothing but the Gluten Free Doughnuts. These Gluten Free donuts costs around $4 to $5.

Krispy Kreme Secret Menu

Krispy Kreme secret menu is not so big because, the regular menu itself is not so long like other restaurants. This secret menu items are available only certain period of a day and also, only on few days of a year. Like, you can grab this secret menu on your birthday as a Birthday Special. The Secret menu includes, extra special donuts, drinks and breakfasts.

Krispy Kreme Contact Details

Krispy Kreme aims at keeping a transparent relationship with its customers and so their customer support team is always available in case customers need to contact them.



North Carolina,
The United States.

Krispy Kreme Near Me

Locating a Krispy Kreme outlet near you can be quite a nuisance considering the number of locations it is found at. To help you get through this and reach a Krispy Kreme near you, use the store locator provided at the official site.

Krispy Kreme Hours

Krispy Kreme remains open throughout the holiday season. It depends on the country where its stores operate. However, it usually remains closed on thanksgiving, Easter, and Christmas holidays. A Krispy Kreme store opens by 10 am and closes by 11:30 pm. Again these timings are liable to change depending on the location.

Krispy Kreme Reviews

At Krispy Kreme, the team makes sure its customers connect with the food and the ambiance inside their stores. The cooking team at Krispy Kreme makes sure their food not just tastes amazing but also is presentable in such a way that customers are forced to order it. Every doughnut they serve is beautifully created in a way not just pleasing to the eyes but also the taste buds. They serve a number of beverages to go with their doughnuts.

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How much is a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts?

A dozen donuts cost between $7 to $11.

Who owns Krispy Kreme?

Krispy Kreme is owned by JBA holding company.

What time does Krispy Kreme close?

Krispy Kreme closes around 11:30 pm.

What time does Krispy Kreme open?

Krispy Kreme opens at around 10 am.

How much is a dozen glazed donuts at Krispy Kreme?

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A glazed Krispy Kreme dozen donuts price isaround $7.99.

Why did Krispy Kreme in Wichita KS raise their prices?

The cost at Krispy Kreme depends on its quality. And the food at the restaurant worth your each penny. As of our knowledge, there is no much price raise in the Krispy Kreme at Wichita KS.

What are the prices of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts?

Krispy Kreme doughnuts prices are around $ 1 to $14.99.

How much is a box of Krispy Kreme donuts?

A box of Krispy Kreme donuts costs around $14.99

How much is one Krispy Kreme donut?

One Krispy Kreme donut costs $0.99 and onwards.

How much is a half dozen Krispy Kreme donuts?

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According to Krispy Kreme donut menu, a dozen donuts cost around $7 to &11. So, half dozen costs you around $4.

How much is 2 dozen donuts at Krispy Kreme?

2 dozen donuts cost around $14.99 at Krispy Kreme.

How much are Krispy Kreme donuts at Walmart?

Krispy Kreme donuts at Walmart costs around $6.98 for a 12 pack.

What are specialty donuts at Krispy Kreme?

Krispy Kreme specialty donuts include chocolate dipped doughnuts and cake doughnuts. And one piece of specialty donut costs $1.29.

Does Krispy Kreme have Cronuts?

Yes, Krispy Kreme restaurant offers cronuts.


Krispy Kreme is famous for its doughnuts and not only the premium ones but even the simple, original glazed one. It is mainly due to its affordable pricing and the tastes which the team at Krispy Kreme has nailed well. The glazed doughnut continues to be an everyday affordable snack for all.

Krispy Kreme beverages are an affordable deal too. Customers have a number of options to choose from, and all these go well with doughnuts. The variety of coffee found at Krispy Kreme is pretty impressive, and this causes several coffee buffs to visit their stores. Along with the ever-changing standard menu, Krispy Kreme also has a changing menu or a menu that is available for a limited period. Check out the above updated Krispy Kreme menu prices and visit to have their tasty donuts.

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How much is a 12 box of Krispy Kreme donuts? ›

Krispy Kreme Menu Prices (Updated: December 2022)
Original GlazedDozen$7.99
Assorted Varieties1 Pc.$1.09
Assorted VarietiesDozen$8.99
Specialty Doughnut1 Pc.$1.29
58 more rows

What is in a 12 box of Krispy Kreme? ›

24 Original Glazed rings and 24 assorted filled and ring doughnuts.

How much is a box of coffee at Krispy Kreme? ›

Brew Box Kit comes with 96 oz of coffee to go and serves 8-10.
Krispy Kreme Hot Drinks.
Freshly Brewed Coffee, small$1.69
Caramel or Vanilla or Mocha Speciality Latte, medium$3.39
Caramel or Vanilla or Mocha Speciality Latte, large$3.99
add an extra espresso or flavor shot$0.50
Latte / Capuccino, small$3.39
9 more rows

Does Krispy Kreme still give free donuts when the light comes on? ›

But the internet proved to be a black hole of contradicting answers, so we went straight to the source. Here's the (unfortunate) truth, per an email from Krispy Kreme's communications department: "The Hot Light signals that donuts are hot and fresh coming off the line, not a free donut.

Does Krispy Kreme give you a free dozen on your birthday? ›

To get this sweet birthday treat, you'll need to be a member of Krispy Kreme Rewards. Be sure to enter your birthday when you register so they'll know when to send the coupon for your free birthday doughnut.

How much is a box of original Krispy Kreme Donuts? ›

What is this? Krispy Kreme menu with prices is mainly popular for their 80 years old recipe of doughnuts. Their menu includes different variety of doughnuts such as original glazed dozen doughnuts, custom assorted dozen, baker's choice dozen, and much more. The original glazed dozen costs you $12.99 at the restaurant.

Is Krispy Kreme giving free donuts for every A? ›

Students get Krispy Kreme free donuts for every “A” on their report card. Students, just show your report card to the cashier and earn up to six Krispy Kreme free donuts. Some Krispy Kremes have age restrictions and might not participate, so make sure to check your local Krispy Kreme by giving them a call.

How long do Krispy Kreme Donuts stay fresh in the box? ›

How long do Krispy Kreme donuts last? Krispy Kreme donuts can remain fresh for up to 48 hours but will quickly lose their quality and freshness over 4-5 days.

How long do Krispy Kremes last in the box? ›

Maximum freshness lasts a week, but are irresistible. About a week, but if you throw one in the microwave for like 7-10 seconds, it warms it up a little bit and softens it again and its DELICIOUS!

How do I get free coffee at Krispy Kreme? ›

Fans can sign up and instantly become Rewards members through the Krispy Kreme app or by visiting Share how you're enjoying a free Krispy Kreme brewed coffee AND doughnut this National Coffee Day by using #KrispyKreme and tagging @krispykreme.

How much is a box of coffee at dd? ›

Keep your group running by adding an extra Box O'Joe for $17.99. Don't forget to add beverages to your catering menu: Each Box O' Joe serves approximately 10 small cups of coffee, and includes cups and all other extra fixings. Keep your group running by adding an extra Box O'Joe for $17.99.

How many donuts are in a dozen? ›

If you've ever bought a dozen donuts, you probably had a lot of fun choosing the donuts that you took home in that big rectangular box. If you kept track of the donuts on your fingers, you had to start over when you ran out of 10 fingers, because a dozen equals 12 delicious donuts.

What do you need for free donuts at Krispy Kreme? ›

free doughnut just

Sign up for Krispy Kreme Rewards and earn a free doughnut of your choice – it's as simple as that.

What does the red hot light at Krispy Kreme mean? ›

Every Krispy Kreme fan knows what the chain's famous Hot Light means...OK, maybe you don't! No worries! When this famous red light is on, it means the chain is rolling hot and fresh donuts right off the line, AKA the best time to enjoy a Krispy Kreme donut.

What does the white light at Krispy Kreme mean? ›

When we turn the light on, it means that our delicious Original Glazed® Doughnuts are available right at that very moment! So when you see the Hot Light on, stop in and get some hot Original Glazed® doughnuts. "I know it's going to be a good day when it starts with Krispy Kreme doughnuts."

Is there more than one donut day? ›

National Donut Day (also known as National Doughnut Day) on November 5th is one of two observed by donut lovers across the nation. The first Friday in June is the other day donuts steal the bakery case spotlight ready to tease their way into white bakery box and go home!

Does Dunkin Donuts give free donuts on your birthday? ›

Dunkin' Donuts®

Stay caffeinated on your birthday, courtesy of Dunkin' Donuts. One of the benefits of their DD Perks program includes a free Dunkin' Donuts beverage on your birthday. Plus, you'll earn points for every $1 you spend, which you can redeem for a free beverage!

What is Mcdonalds birthday reward? ›

What does McDonald's give you for your Birthday? A FREE Big Mac®, Quarter Pounder® with Cheese or 10pc Chicken McNuggets® when you download the McDonald's App. The birthday deal is valid for 30 days. It's a BOGO offer.

Can you freeze Krispy Kreme donuts? ›

Can You Freeze Krispy Kreme Doughnuts? Yes—and the best way to freeze Krispy Kreme doughnuts is to seal them in an airtight package. You can follow the steps above. Krispy Kreme also has specific directions for reheating their glazed doughnuts: Heat each doughnut in the microwave for exactly eight seconds.

How often is the Krispy Kreme light on? ›

Krispy Kreme hot light hours happen on Sunday to Thursday, 6:00 AM-11:00 AM and 4:00 PM-10:00 PM, Friday to Saturday, 6:00 AM-11:00 AM and 4:00 PM-11:00 PM. Krispy Kreme hot light hours happen when their iconic neon Krispy Kreme hot light is turned on.

Should you keep Krispy Kremes in the fridge? ›

Our tasty treats are made fresh daily so best eaten on day of purchase for optimum freshness. The ideal condition for storage of a Krispy Kreme doughnut is in the original packaging at room temperature. We do not recommend storing in the fridge, in plastic storage bags or boxes or near a heat source.

Does Krispy Kreme make their donuts fresh every morning? ›

We make our doughnuts fresh several times a day at Krispy Kreme. If our neon light is off, rest assured that plenty of delicious doughnuts are here, ready for you to devour.

How do you keep Krispy Kreme donuts fresh for a week? ›

The best way to store a yeast-based doughnut is in an airtight container like a Ziplock bag. You can use aluminum foil, but it isn't as effective for preventing air from getting into the container.

Are donuts still good after 4 days? ›

Regular donuts, including plain, powdered, glazed, and topped, keep fresh for one to two days on the counter if well wrapped, and up to a week in the fridge. Cream-filled donuts require refrigeration and stay good for 3 to 5 days.

Are Krispy Kreme donuts fresh at night? ›

The glazed doughnuts have a shelf life of just 12 hours, so bakers need to replenish them at some point. Each Krispy Kreme generally makes glazed doughnuts twice a day: around opening time, and again in the p.m., says a Krispy Kreme customer service representative.

What happens to leftover Krispy Kreme donuts? ›

'All the unsold doughnuts from the nine Krispy Kreme stores and 65 cabinets in the region are returned to the Bristol Hotlight store on a daily basis. 'From here they are then taken for recycling along with excess dough from the factory and doughnuts that do not meet our strict quality levels.

Does Krispy Kreme have free coffee on Mondays? ›

Free Coffee and Doughnut Every Monday

There is no purchase necessary and it is valid at participating locations. See the details on the Krispy Kreme website.

How do you get free smiles at Krispy Kreme? ›

  1. BUY YOUR TREATS. You'll earn Smiles every time you purchase Krispy Kreme treats, whether that's your favourite doughnut or a cup of coffee.
  2. EARN SMILES. You earn 10 Smiles for every whole £1 spent in a Krispy Kreme store, online or in participating retailers.

Can you get free donuts from Krispy Kreme for as on report card? ›

Krispy Kreme

Get a free original glazed donut for each A (up to 6 A's).

What is the cheapest iced coffee at Dunkin? ›

Dunkin' Donuts Menu Prices (Updated: December 2022)
Iced CoffeeSmall$1.99
Iced CoffeeMedium$2.49
Iced CoffeeLarge$2.79
Add a Turbo Shot of Espresso to Any Beverage$0.59
135 more rows

Which is cheaper Dunkin or Starbucks? ›

Is Dunkin' Cheaper Than Starbucks? Yes, in general, the coffee at Dunkin' is cheaper than the coffee at Starbucks. This is primarily due to the difference in the cost of goods sold (COGS), with Starbucks having a higher COGS, which is passed on to the consumer through higher prices.

What is $3 at Dunkin? ›

All you have to do is order a medium Pumpkin Spice Latte or Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew and the $3 price tag will automatically be added to your order.

How Much Is a Two dozen? ›

 When Todd and Nolan realized they needed two dozen, or 24 eggs, they pushed these to the side and looked at the rest of the eggs.

How big is a box of a dozen donuts? ›

Donut Box for 1 Dozen Donuts laying Flat 16 x 12 x 2-1/4 in.

What does 3 dozen mean? ›

Many household goods are sold in dozens. Example: Mary bought 3 dozens eggs. How many eggs did she buy? Each dozen of eggs has 12 eggs. So, 3 dozens will have 3 × 12=36 eggs.

What is the Krispy Kreme gobbler? ›

The heart-shaped doughnut has a little Turkey Face decoration. While the chocolate Kreme and chocolate icing brings the sweetness, many people will want that treat because of the decoration.

What time do Krispy Kreme Hot light come on? ›

The Krispy Kreme Hot Light is now on EVERYDAY from 5 – 8 pm, when the Hot Light is on, we are making fresh Original Glazed® doughnuts!
Hot Light.
NSW Mascot Liverpool PenrithVIC Fountain Gate Bulleen Fawkner
QLD Redbank PlainsWA Cannington Whitford City
18 May 2021

What is a Krispy Kreme celebration sleeve? ›

From birthdays to graduations or any other celebrations – you can officially add some extra magic to your favourite sweet treats with Krispy Kreme. Personalise your doughnut boxes with a choice of SIX incredible sleeve designs. You can grab a 1/3 sleeve for as little as R5 and the full sleeve for ONLY R15.

Why did Krispy Kreme give me free donuts? ›

If you're voting today in the 2022 midterm elections, you can go grab a free doughnut from Krispy Kreme, which is using the glazed pastry as an incentive to encourage people to vote.

Can you get Krispy Kreme donuts without the glaze? ›

Remember the “Hot & Fresh” sign? Well, when that light's on, you can request a free doughnut without glaze. This is such an elite snack that I could only find one photo of it on the internet.

Why is it called Krispy Kreme if it's not crispy? ›

Many logically assume that the name refers to the texture of the donut when you bite into it – crispy (or “krispy”) on the outside from the glaze, soft and almost creamy (“kremey”) when you sink your teeth in. But truly, there's no official word on its genuine origin.

How many calories in a 12 pack of Krispy Kreme donuts? ›

12 Original Glazed doughnuts. 2400 kcal, 12 Servings.

How big is a dozen Krispy Kreme box? ›

Our dozen boxes are 37cm x 27cm x 6.5cm :-) Was this article helpful?

Does Tesco have Krispy Kreme? ›

Krispy Kreme Doughnut Original Glazed 6 Pack - Tesco Groceries.

What is the lowest calorie donut at Krispy Kreme? ›

Original Glazed Doughnut

The Original Glazed is one of the lowest calorie doughnuts on the menu. At 190 calories, Krispy Kreme's signature is a solid go-to doughnut.

Can you freeze Krispy Kreme? ›

Can You Freeze Krispy Kreme Doughnuts? Yes—and the best way to freeze Krispy Kreme doughnuts is to seal them in an airtight package. You can follow the steps above. Krispy Kreme also has specific directions for reheating their glazed doughnuts: Heat each doughnut in the microwave for exactly eight seconds.

How do you keep Krispy Kreme donuts fresh? ›

To maintain your Krispy Kreme doughnuts in optimum condition, we recommend that you store them in a temperature under 18 degrees and out of direct sunlight. To keep Krispy Kreme doughnuts at their freshest after their first day at home, you can freeze the doughnuts and reheat in the microwave.

How many donuts fit in a box? ›

Very sturdy box that is extremely easy to assemble. Box fits 12 donuts. I fill it with other treats too.

How many donuts are in a Krispy Kreme box? ›

Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnuts - 12 Donuts.

How much is 2400 Krispy Kreme donuts? ›

But its price — if one were to be sold — is not a mystery. That would be about $2,600 U.S. dollars, Vardon said. So you can contribute to the congestive heart failure of your staffers for the low price of $1.08 a donut. For grins, let's break this down: each Krispy Kreme donut contains 200 calories and 12 grams of fat.

How much is a double hundred dozen Krispy Kreme? ›

There are no plans to create another box of 2,400 doughnuts, but Krispy Kreme U.K. will sell you 100 of the so-called Double-Dozen boxes for about $2,600, said Vardon. The company that won the big box, 360 Resourcing Solutions, celebrated in an appropriate way: tweeting a picture of Homer Simpson salivating.

Is Krispy Kreme still giving free donuts in 2022? ›

Krispy Kreme Senior Deal: In 2022, graduates who wore their cap and gown into a Krispy Kreme got a free dozen.

Does Krispy Kreme have a 6 pack? ›

Krispy Kreme Doughnut Krispy Kreme Glazed Doughnuts, 6 ea -


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