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Is this cat litter subscription service worth it? Read our complete Kitty Poo Club review to find out.

Kitty Poo Club is branded as an end-to-end litter box solution, aiming to satisfy all of your cat’s bathroom needs month after month. By delivering monthly shipments of low-maintenance litter in a disposable cardboard litter box, the Club promises to change the way you think about the litter box.


But How Well Does Kitty Poo Club Actually Work? We Dug Deep To Find Out

After hours of research and weeks of hands-on testing, we’re bringing you the details on everything you need to know about Kitty Poo Club. We’ve covered everything from Kitty Poo Club’s customer experience to odor control, absorbency, and dust production. Keep reading to get all the details.

How We Tested:

  • We purchased a 1-month supply of Kitty Poo Club
  • We spent a few weeks testing the litter and box on two cats
  • We did not receive this product in exchange for a favorable review; it was purchased with our own money

Brand Overview

In 2017, Ohio entrepreneur Chad Kauffman founded Kitty Poo Club, hoping to give cat owners a “complete litter box solution” while taking advantage of the subscription service trend. You can’t quite call it a litter box brand or a cat litter company. The Club really is dedicated to everything related to, well, kitty poo. From scoops to boxes to litter and mats, Kitty Poo Club covers it all.

Your monthly shipment includes a disposable waterproof cardboard litter box and enough cat litter to last one cat for 30 days. Because you throw the box away at the end of the 30 days, it promises to reduce your contact with any mess and frees you from the need to scrub and scour a dirty plastic pan.

If you choose the company’s signature silica litter, you’ll, theoretically, never have to handle cat urine again.

How Does the Kitty Poo Club Subscription Work?

Your journey begins on the Kitty Poo Club site, where you’ll answer a few questions about your household and which products you want in your first box. Based on this information, Kitty Poo Club will assemble a starter package including a litter box, the litter of your choosing, and optional accessories like a litter box dome, scoop, or mat.

Once you’ve set everything up, Kitty Poo Club will start sending your chosen items once every four weeks.

What Kinds of Litter Does Kitty Poo Club Offer?

Kitty Poo Club allows you to fill your monthly box with one of four types of cat litter.

  • Kitty Poo Club’s signature cat litter is alarge-grained silica gel product. Each silica gel bead is about the size of an average hail pellet, making it look and behave differently from your standard crystal. Because they’re spherical, the granules are more comfortable under your cat’s paws. Like all silica gel products, this is a low-maintenance product that allows you to spend less time hunched over the litter box. Each bead adsorbs moisture to control liquids and odor in the box for up to a month.
  • The company also offers afine-grained silica gel litter, which has a sandier texture for cats who prefer it. Like the large-grained silica gel, this litter is a dessicant, dehydrating both urine and feces to keep the litter box dry for up to a month.
  • If you prefer a clay litter, Kitty Poo Club also has an option for you. Theirclumping clay littercontains activated charcoal for additional odor control. You’ll have to scoop out clumps of urine along with the feces. Clumping litter isn’t as low-maintenance as silica gel, but when regularly scooped, a single boxful of clay can last as much as twice as long. If you have two cats sharing the same box, this may be a better option for you.
  • And for those who like choosing plant-based litter options, Kitty Poo Club offers asoy-based clumping litter. Like the clay litter, you’ll have to scoop it regularly to keep everything clean and odor-free.

Kitty Poo Club Cat Litter Subscription: Our Experience

I ordered a one-month supply of Kitty Poo Club large-grained silica gel cat litter. I have two cats and intended to have them share the box, so I only ordered one box to use over the course of two weeks.

One day after my order was placed, Kitty Poo Club shipped out the box. Five days later, the box arrived on my porch. It was time to see what Kitty Poo Club would do in my home.

First, I Assembled The Litter Box

Kitty Poo Club Review - Whisper & Whimsy (1)

Your litter box and litter ship directly to you, folded up in a slim rectangular parcel.

Your litter box and litter ship directly to you, folded up in a slim rectangular parcel.

The whole setup arrives packed into a low-profile package not much bigger than a large pizza box.

To give the Kitty Poo Club box a little more visual appeal than a plain cardboard box, each season brings a new pattern on the outside of the boxes.

I ordered the box in late May and the month’s design followed a “Summer Carnival” theme. The brown cardboard was printed with whimsical illustrations of carnival signs, advertising attractions like “Bengal Waffles” and “Fresh Purrcorn”.

When you remove the lid, you’ll see the included litter and any accessories. Once you’ve removed these, you’ll have to unfold the box at the creases and slip on the stabilizing rails. The rails took a little bit of finagling to slip on, but they worked excellently to keep the sides of the litter box nice and rigid. You’ll also see a scored area at the entrance area of the litter box. Fold and pull this area to open up the doorway for easier access.

Once assembled, the litter box measures 19” wide x 15” deep x 10” tall. If you opt for the optional dome, the height of the walls increases to 15”. It’s not enormous, but it’s a generously-sized litter box that should be large enough for most cats.

Then It Was Time To Pour In The Litter

Kitty Poo Club Review - Whisper & Whimsy (2)

Kitty Poo Club’s large-grained silica gel litter looks a bit like pieces of hail. It’s also extremely dusty.

Kitty Poo Club’s large-grained silica gel litter looks a bit like pieces of hail. It’s also extremely dusty.

I’d used Kitty Poo Club’s fine-grained silica gel litter before and found that it was extremely dusty. When I ordered the large-grained litter, I had hoped for a different experience. Unfortunately, the large-grained silica gel litter was just as dusty as the finer alternative.

Kitty Poo Club Review - Whisper & Whimsy (3)

Kitty Poo Club silica gel cat litter, whether in large-grained or fine-grained form, is extremely dusty. When poured into the box or stirred up for cleaning, the litter emits a massive cloud of lingering dust.

Kitty Poo Club silica gel cat litter, whether in large-grained or fine-grained form, is extremely dusty. When poured into the box or stirred up for cleaning, the litter emits a massive cloud of lingering dust.

Both of Kitty Poo Club’s silica gel products are extremely dusty, producing a choking cloud of dust when poured into the litter box. While theoretically less harmful than the crystalline silica dust that comes from clay cat litter, the litter’s amorphous silica dust lingered in the air and left my throat scratchy.

I noticed this dustiness later, too, when I scooped solid waste from the litter. The dust puffed up and out of the box and took its time to settle.

Once The Litter Was In The Box, It Was Time To See What My Cats Thought Of The Whole Setup

Kitty Poo Club Review - Whisper & Whimsy (4)

Assembled, hooded, and filled, the Kitty Poo Club litter box was ready for action.

My cats used the Kitty Poo Club box when it was their only option, but I don’t think it was their preference. In addition to having it as their only litter box, they used it alongside an open litter pan filled with Pretty Litter and would consistently opt for the Pretty Litter instead.

I’m not sure what deterred my cats from using the Kitty Poo Club box. Perhaps it was the height of the entryway or the paw-feel of the litter. At any rate, they weren’t big fans.

The Kitty Poo Club Litter Did A Decent—But Not Excellent—Job Of Controlling Odors

Again, Kitty Poo Club’s signature litter is a silica gel product, meaning that you don’t have to scoop out urine. Instead, you’ll remove stool daily and give the litter a stir to distribute urine throughout.

And while the litter does a good job of controlling odors considering that it’s containing multiple weeks’ worth of urine, it’s not perfect.

By the end of the test, I was disappointed with the litter’s odor control. Other reviewers say that the Kitty Poo Club litter does an excellent job of odor control, but I found myself disappointed and wrinkling my nose well before the cats had gotten two weeks out of the box.

Kitty Poo Club litter adsorbs moisture and certainly minimizes odors, but it’s not a complete odor control solution. If you’re passionate about odor control—and really, who isn’t?— I would opt for another crystal litter or a clumping clay product.

The Kitty Poo Club Litter And Box Both Held Their Own Against Moisture

Although you don’t scoop out any urine, the Kitty Poo Club litter keeps everything dry and comfortable under your cat’s paws. I noticed some saturation towards the end of my 2-week testing period, but the cardboard box contained it well. The box is lined with an FDA-certified food-grade waterproofing material and it aces its job, preventing urine from ever reaching the floor or litter mat.

There Was A Bit Of Litter Scatter

Kitty Poo Club Review - Whisper & Whimsy (5)

Kitty Poo Club litter doesn’t track much, but it does scatter. The large granules stuck in my litter mat and made tidying a bit difficult.

Kitty Poo Club litter doesn’t track much, but it does scatter. The large granules stuck in my litter mat and made tidying a bit difficult.

Like almost every cat litter on the planet, the Kitty Poo Club silica gel litter strayed from the box and onto the floor. There wasn’t a lot of tracking going on—the large granules don’t stick to your cat’s paws—but it wasn’t a perfectly tidy situation.

After The Two-week Testing Period Was Through, It Was Time To Discard The Kitty Poo Club Box And The Litter In It

Kitty Poo Club Review - Whisper & Whimsy (6)

Once you’re done with the Kitty Poo Club box, you’ll fold it back up and throw out the box with the litter inside.

Once you’re done with the Kitty Poo Club box, you’ll fold it back up and throw out the box with the litter inside.

By the end of the two-week testing period, the litter had started to turn yellow, smelled rank, and was definitely in need of a change.

Throwing away the Kitty Poo Club box and litter happens in one straightforward step. You remove the hood if it’s in use, fold down the sides, lift the bottom tray out from underneath the box, and use it to cover and contain the dirty litter inside.

The disposal process is easier than dumping a typical box of litter, but it’s not foolproof. You’ll have to be careful to avoid spilling the litter and you might notice some litter sprinkling out of the sides as you carry the box to the trash.

How Much Does Kitty Poo Club Cost?

A standard Kitty Poo Club subscription, which includes abag of litter and a box, costs $21.49 each month. Of course, that price will go up if you have more than one cat. If you’re like me and have two cats using the box, you might spend close to $45 per month on your cat litter subscription.

That’s about twice as much as you’d spend on a typical alternative. Using a standard reusable litter box, a traditional clumping clay litter might cost $6 per month. A typical crystal cat litter adds up to around $10 per month.

Overall, Is Kitty Poo Club A Good Choice?

For some people, Kitty Poo Club could be a good choice. It offers a level of convenience and tidiness that you won’t get from other products.

The customer experience is a cut above what you’d get ordering a typical cat litter and litter box. You’re getting custom suggestions based on your household, access to an easy-to-manage customer portal, and notifications every time a new box is shipped out.

For me, however, there was nothing impressive about Kitty Poo Club. Between the dustiness of both the fine-grained and large-grained silica gel litter, disappointing odor control, and price, nothing about the Kitty Poo Club experience seemed worthy of a second shipment.

Where Can You Buy Kitty Poo Club?

Kitty Poo Club is only available through the company’s website. Visit the Kitty Poo Club website to learn more about your options. If you’re on the fence about trying Kitty Poo Club, remember that you’re covered by their no-risk guarantee and you can get a full refund on your first box.

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