How To Install Mobdro on an Amazon FireStick TV (2022)

How To Install Mobdro on an Amazon FireStick TV (1)

The age of streaming television has brought along plenty of advantages compared to the old way of watching television, but if there’s one thing we miss, it’s the ability to stream live events and premieres. Sure, plenty of content can wait until the next day, using services like Hulu or iTunes to watch the newest episode of your favorite TV show the following night. Other content, however, like awards shows or sporting events, really require live television to get the most out of them. But without paying upwards of $50 per month for a cable subscription, or around the same price for a monthly online streaming subscription like Hulu Live or YouTube TV, there’s only so many ways you can get live television for cheap.

Thankfully, if you’re willing to sideload apps onto your Fire Stick and you understand the risks involved with certain apps on Fire OS, you can install Mobdro on your device to gain access to a ton of live streaming television channels.Mobdro is one of the best ways to watch live TV on your Fire Stick without the use of Kodi. It’s an app designed around being able to easily access streams of all your favorite channels, from live movies to news stations like CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News, to premium channels like HBO, to locals like ABC and NBC. The app takes most streams from the east coast, so plan on everything airing in Eastern time zones.

If you’re ready to install Mobdro, dive into the app installation instructions below.

Using a VPN

When using Tea TV, you’re streaming copyrighted content hosted online. Though some users risk their privacy by choosing to stream pirated content without the protection of a VPN on their device, we highly recommend using a VPN service to protect your data, especially if you’re using one of the less-than-legal services on this list. Though having a VPN on is very rarely thewrong choice, the privacy it adds to your device isn’t needed to enjoy your favorite services regularly. And although we also say that the less information you give internet service providers and online companies, the better, the truth is that a VPN won’t be right for everyone.How To Install Mobdro on an Amazon FireStick TV (2)

In general, your Fire Stick doesn’t necessarily require a VPN. However, if you’ve found your way to this page, it’s probably because you’re using your Fire Stick for something that isn’t a standard application available through the Amazon Appstore. Be it basic piracy apps like Showbox or Terrarium TV, or more complicated applications like Kodi, which allow you to fully load your Fire Stick with a new interface, along with thousands of applications and add-ons to completely change how you watch movies forever. These systems are easy to setup and use, but there’s a big reason why people turn away from them: they aren’t entirely legal. While thousands of users get away with consuming pirated content on the internet every day, it’s important to keep in mind that not everyone gets away with piracy. If you’re caught by your ISP, you can land yourself in some hot water, including losing access to your internet or even facing major fines from groups like the MPAA.

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So, if you’re looking to consume pirated content on your Fire Stick, the best way to go about keeping yourself safe from getting caught is to use a VPN. Most popular VPNs weren’t necessarily designed with piracy in mind, but they do support keeping your internet use secret so that you can catch up on the latest hit series online without having to pay for cable or subscribe to yet another streaming service. To check out some of our favorite VPNs, check outour guide to using VPNs on the Fire Stick here.

Turn on Unknown Apps

To sideload applications on your Fire Stick, you’ll need to start by turning the option on within the settings of your device. Start by opening up your Fire TV display by waking up your device and holding the Home button on your Fire TV remote to open the quick actions menu. This menu has a list of four different options for your Fire TV: your list of apps, sleep mode, mirroring, and settings. Select the settings menu to quickly load your list of preferences. Alternatively, you can head to the home screen of your Fire TV and scroll all the way to the right along the top list of your menu, selecting the settings option.

How To Install Mobdro on an Amazon FireStick TV (3)

Press the down arrow on your remote to move to the settings menu of your display. Fire OS has its settings menu set up horizontally rather than vertically, so scroll through your settings menu from left to right until you find the options for “My Fire TV.” (In older versions of Fire OS, this is labeled as “Device.”) Hit the center button on your remote to load the device settings. For most users, these options are mostly there for restarting or forcing your device to sleep, as well as viewing the software settings for your Fire Stick. However, there’s one option here we need to change before we can move forward. Click on Developer Options from the Device settings; it’s the second down from the top, after About.

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How To Install Mobdro on an Amazon FireStick TV (4)

Developer Options only has two settings on Fire OS: ADB debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources. ADB debugging is used to enable ADB, or Android Debug Bridge, connections over your network. We won’t have to use ADB for this (a tool included in the Android Studio SDK), so you can leave that setting alone for now. Instead, scroll down to the setting below ADB and press the center button. This will enable your device to install applications from sources other than the Amazon Appstore, a necessary step if we’re going to sideload Mobdro onto our device. A warning may appear to let you know that downloading apps from outside sources can be dangerous. Click OK on the prompt and click the Home button on your remote to head back to the home screen.

How To Install Mobdro on an Amazon FireStick TV (5)

With the ability to install apps from unknown sources now enabled, we just have one more step to go. We’ll need to install an application from the Amazon Appstore in order to properly download and install these APK files, since out of the box, your Fire Stick can’t actually do it. While there isn’t a specific browser application available for download inside the App Store, there is an app that allows you to download content directly to your device.

Install Downloader

How To Install Mobdro on an Amazon FireStick TV (6)

Using the built-in search function or using Alexa on your Fire Stick remote, search for “Download,” “Downloader,” or “Browser”; all three will bring forth the exact same app we’re looking for. That app is, appropriately, called Downloader. It has a bright orange icon with a down-facing arrow icon, and its developer name is “” The app has hundreds of thousands of users, and is generally regarded as a great application for your device. Hit the download button on the Amazon Appstore listing for Downloader to add the app to your device. You won’t need to keep the app on your Fire Stick after we’ve used it for this installation process, so don’t be afraid to uninstall the app if you’d rather not keep it around.

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How To Install Mobdro on an Amazon FireStick TV (7)

Once the app has finished installing, hit the Open button on the app listing to open Downloader on your device. Click through the assorted pop-up messages and alerts detailing updates to the application until you’ve reached the main display. Downloader includes a bunch of utilities, all neatly outlined on the left side of the application, including a browser, a file system, settings, and more. That said, the main aspect of the application we need is the URL entry field that takes up most of your display inside the application.

Downloading the APK

How To Install Mobdro on an Amazon FireStick TV (8)

With Downloader installed we can finally move forward with actually installing Mobdro. To do this, all you’ll need is the proper APK download link for the application you want to install, and thankfully, we have a direct link to Mobdro for you to plug in. Using your Fire Stick remote, type the following URL into the field provided, then hit Go on your Fire Stick.

That link will provide you with a recent version of Mobdro, and thanks to the auto-update built into the application, you can update the application once it’s been launched. With the Mobdro APK now downloaded onto your device, all that’s left to do now is install the app directly onto your device. When the installation display for Mobdro appears on your screen, you’ll be greeted with a display that alerts you to the information Mobdro can access. For anyone who has installed APKs on Android devices previously, this screen will immediately look familiar; though it’s the Amazon-themed version of the installation screen, it’s still very ‘Android.’ Use your remote to highlight and select the “Install” button and your device will begin to install the app.

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Finishing Installation

Once installation has completed, use the menu button on your remote to open the app on your device. Mobdro opens on your Fire Stick, you’ll be met with the option to update the application. This is normal, and you should absolutely follow the options to update the application. The app doesn’t take long to update, and once it’s finished, you’ll be greeted with the standard Tea TV layout. From here, you’ve finished installation and the options for streaming on Mobdro are left up to you.

For the most part, the app is fairly easy to browse. It has a clean layout and design, making it easy to navigate with your Fire Remote, especially if you’re used to Android-style app layouts like this. You can view a whole list of categories at the top of the application, including the ability to scroll through channel listings (which, with so many channels, can be difficult to navigate), along with categories like News, Shows, Movies, Sports, Music, and more. These allow you to select the channel you want to tune into based on the type of content you want to watch; however, if you’re looking for a specific channel, it’s often easier just to search or the listing instead of browsing for it.

How To Install Mobdro on an Amazon FireStick TV (9)

As listed above, the streams take place on the Eastern coast, so assume all programs run in EST time zone. And of course, we should also mention that the app is delayed by a couple minutes, so expect your favorite shows, sports, and movies to start just a couple minutes after they usually do (in our test, most streams were delayed by about 120 seconds). You’ll be hard pressed to find any live TV app streaming online that doesn’t have a delay—even from official cable carriers—so in our opinion, it’s not a bad tradeoff.


Mobdro is one of our favorite sideloaded streaming apps currently available on the Fire Stick, but it’s far from the only app. Stay tuned to TechJunkie for more Fire Stick guides, including guides for sideloading some of the best apps online today.

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This guide shows how to install Mobdro APK on Firestick/Fire TV and Android devices. Mobdro is a free IPTV app with hundreds of channels.

Mobdro APK is a free IPTV app that provides hundreds of live channels mostly in SD quality.. Because Mobdro is free to use, this IPTV app often buffers and has limited channel selection.. Below you find information on this free IPTV app including how to install, channels, categories, settings, and more.. 100% free app Hundreds of channels mostly in SD quality Major news channels International channels VOD options Popular sports channels and some PPV VPN friendly Adult Channels Favorites manager Easy to install APK on Downloader Compatible with Firestick/Fire TV and Android devices Settings configuration. So we can’t use this app with IPTV Players like IPTV Smarters, TiviMate, IPTV Extreme, and others.. Overall, Mobdro APK is a great free IPTV app that streams hundreds of free channels and VOD options.. Mobdro is a free IPTV app that provides hundreds of live channels and VOD options.

Download the best Mobdro alternatives for free live TV channels. Some of these apps are even better than Mobdro.

Sling TV is one of the most popular live TV streaming services in the United States.. Pluto TV is another legit Live TV service you can get from official sources (such as Amazon Store, Apple Store, Google Play Store, etc.). The following are the popular free live TV apps like Mobdro, however, we could not verify whether they hold a license to stream the content.. Live Net TV is a prominent and widely used app that allows you to stream 800 TV channels across nine categories.. AOS TV works with FireStick, Fire TV, Android TV Box, NVIDIA SHIELD, and more. - web design blogs using Joomla, WordPress and other technologies. We create excellent, actionable tutorials, tricks and reviews.

Today we'll show you how to install the DirecTV app on your Firestick or Fire TV.. With the DirecTV app installed on your Firestick device, you can quickly access your favorite channels and shows.. On your firestick device, you can watch on-demand shows and movies as well as live TV.. Look for the DirecTV app on your device.. When you click Get, the DirecTV app will begin to download to your Firestick.. Follow the steps below to install the downloader app on your Amazon Firestick device.. Select the downloader app from the results and click Get or Download.. When you press the go button, the Downloader will begin downloading the DirecTV app to your Firestick device.. Choose ES File Explorer from the list of options.. When you click "Download Now," the file will begin to download.. If you're looking for live TV channels as well as on-demand movies and shows, the DirecTV app is one of the best streaming services.

Amazon Firestick and Fire TV are revolutionary ways to watch TV and this article is about the Best Amazon Firestick apps for 2022

A VPN app is the first app you should install .. The VPN has super speeds to let you stream in HD , has servers all over the world, and it works with Netflix and almost all other streaming services .. You can get all these in HD, making this app one of the most important from this list of the Best Firestick Live TV Apps.. Live NetTV is one of the most popular live TV streaming apps , making it one of the best apps on Firestick.. This means that if you have Firestick, you will always need an app to help you download APKs .

Looking for the Best Live TV App For Firestick? In this post, we give you 6. Find out which ones are they in this article.

Streaming live channels is easier with the help of the internet, and so, in this post, we are going to tell you the best live tv app for firestick – or 8 of them!. A smart TV is really commonly known as internet TV where you can watch live TV channels without any cable connection .. Firestick is a device through which you can watch live TV and almost all channels are covered under this firestick.. No matter what country’s channel you want to watch but you just need to buy firestick and install some apps through which it is easy to watch cable channels.. You just know the system such as buying firestick from amazon and going for apps to make sure you can watch thousands of channels, not just local channels but famous channels worldwide.

Easily Install Kodi 19.4 on your Firestick and FireTV in this step-by-step guide with images including alternate methods, how to install kodi addons and more.

In this guide, we’ll show you the easiest – and safest – way to install the latest version of Kodi on Firestick (Kodi 19.4 Matrix), a method that also works on the Fire TV Cube.. Install Downloader Allow Unknown Sources Download Kodi through Downloader Install Kodi when prompted Turn on your VPN Explore the new possibilities!. Downloader is an app that facilitates the entire process of downloading and installing third-party apps.. Click Download to install the app on your device.. Now, if you are using Firestick Gen 2, Firestick 4K, or Fire TV Cube, you can allow all sources to install apps by simply clicking Apps from Unknown Sources to turn it on, then accepting the pop-up by clicking Turn On.. Just click OK. Asgard Kodi Addon will install, and Kodi will then notify you after the installation is complete.. Click Download , and the app will be installed on your device. You can explore it further after installing it, but here’s how to install Kodi 19.4 using File Explorer.. If you are using Firestick Lite and Firestick Gen 3, you’ll need to give File Explorer exclusive permission to install apps on Firestick.. For now, we’ll use Downloader to install AppStarter, which we can then use to install and update Kodi.. To allow Downloader to install AppStarter and other apps in the future, you’ll need to enable “apps from unknown sources.” This procedure is found under ‘How to Install Kodi 19.4 on Firestick’ Step 2.

Would you like to watch your favorite tv channels for free? Read more to learn the best free live apps for Firestick/Fire tv

You can watch hundreds of live TV channels for free using your Fire TV.. In this article, let’s take a look at some of the best live tv apps for Firestick that lets you watch your favorite tv channels anytime anywhere in the world.. Since most of the free live TV apps for Firestick given below are not listed on the official Amazon app store, you need to sideload the app using their APK files.. Redbox TV is a free live streaming app that provides 1000+ TV channels from more than 20+ countries around the world.. If you are willing to spend some money for watching your favorite live TV channels on your Firestick, then Sling TV is an ideal choice.. Nitro TV is one of the reliable streaming services that allow you to watch live tv channels on multiple devices like Firestick, Fire TV, Windows/Mac computer, Xbox one and more.

Looking for an inexpensive option to watch live sports on your TV? Here is the list best sports channels for firestick to watch your favorite sports.

It has an exclusive channel for Fire TV/Firestick named ESPN for Fire TV which allows you to stream live sports, on-demand news, highlights, and analysis of the games.. All you need to do is download the ESPN channel on your Fire TV, create an account or log in to your existing cable/satellite provider, to start watching your favorite sports live on the big screen.. Besides movies and TV shows, Hulu Live TV allows users to stream live sports from your favorite channels.. If you are looking for an option to cut down your cable costs, then Sling TV is a good option, as it allows the users to watch live TV channels on multiple devices.. With an NBA League Pass subscription, Amazon Prime members can watch the live NBA regular-season games, on their Fire TV.. NFL is the best live sports channels on Firestick to watch not only football games live, but also to get access to detailed insights on every game.. Like the League Pass to watch NBA games, you need NFL game pass in order to watch football games on your Fire TV.. Live NetTV is a great option to stream live sports on Firestick, without paying a single cent, as it provides 800+ TV channels on different categories like sports, news, movies, music and more.. Even though you won’t find the live stream of premium sports events, still, it is a good channel to watch free sports on your Fire TV.

Here's how to Watch Live Sports on Firestick or Fire TV for Free. There are several apps that you can use, in this article we list the best.

One of the things that aren’t so good though, is the lack of news and live sporting events.. Just keep on reading this article on how to Watch Live Sports on Firestick or Fire TV for Free; using the best Sports Apps of course.. Before I get into this article about to Watch Live Sports on Firestick or Fire TV for Free and use the best Sports Apps, I feel it best that I mention the importance of utilizing a VPN for your connection .. Many sporting events are restricted to specific channels and countries.. Just click on this link Do you need help to install IPVanish on your fire device?. Fortunately, there are a couple of different ways to live stream sporting events; I shall cover it in some detail below.. Live NetTV is our favorite app for live streaming.. 800+ Worldwide Channels organized by country and category Absolutely Free Live Events section on menu (list with all the live sports events, just click on the event and it opens the best stream) PPV channels and events including UFC All sports channels Updated daily You can request a new channel from inside the app!. That’s right, there are many android apps out there to watch live TV for free, but they are full of ads and that ruins the whole experience!. Check out our full install and configuration guide on our Mobdro Official App review .. Anyway, Mobdro it’s still a must-have app for your Fire TV device!. Between the Plex channels, Mobdro and Live NetTV as well as Kodi, you will have so many channels to play with all you’re going to want to do is crack a cold one, and grab a seat so you can chill and catch up on what’s going on with your team!. We recommend you to protect yourself with IPVanish .. does not verify the legality or security of any apps, apks, addons or services mentioned on this site.. Our reviews are totally honest and we only recommend trusted VPN and ecommerce brands.

How to Jailbreak a Firestick 2022 Step by Step ✅ - We have included lots of pictures without the need for a PC.

The indispensable application needed to sideload apps on an Amazon Firestick is called “Downloader”.. It’s free to set up but first, you have to download the app and install it like you’d install any other app.. Click on the download icon to install it on your Firestick.. This is because all app download is regarded as a purchase on Amazon TV, but do not worry, this particular app is free and you won’t be charged any cost.. Kodi can be installed on Firestick in a variety of ways, but I installed mine using the downloader app because it guarantees the most convenience and simplicity.. You have now officially sideloaded your first TV streaming app and your Firestick has been jailbroken too.. Go to your downloader app and install this app “Aptoide TV”.. You can search for any app here and install directly on your Amazon Firestick.. I recommend you go to Top Apps section and install the following apps. Mobdro (Wonderful live television app – akin to having free cable TV) Click on Install, wait for it to Download, then the system install manager will popup.. After installation, click DONE so you can get back to the store and install more apps.


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