h3templates.com - Duel (2023)

Version 2.69n:

❖ Neela and Deemer have ascended to PREMIUM status.

❖ Added Artifacts: Plate of Dying Light (25% Interference).

❖ Removed Artifacts: Amulet of the Undertaker.

❖ Frequency of Black Markets in the Desert and Side Treasuries reduced back to 40.

❖ L size version has been redesigned into a separate template: Shadow Economy.


❖ Increased the number of Roc and Nix dwellings by 1.

❖ Guaranteed Pandoras: added 3 Troglodyte boxes for Dungeon and 3 Goblin boxes were switched to 3 Wolf Riders for Stronghold.

Side Treasuries.

❖ Increased the number of Nix dwellings by 2.


❖ Frequency of Fire Lakes reduced to 40 (was 80).

❖ Disabled all Pandoras with magic immune units.

❖ Reduced the number of Tier 7 boxes to 4 (2 upgraded and 2 un-upgraded, except Red and Green Dragons 4 un-upgraded).

❖ Reduced the number of Libraries of Enlightenment to 3 (from 4).

Gentlemen's Duel.

❖ Updated ruleset.


❖ Removed Protection from Fire.

❖ Added Artifacts: Helm of Heavenly Enlightenment, Elixir of Life (assembled Relic), Orb of Vulnerability, Surcoat of Counterpoise.

❖ Pandoras with magic immune units returned to mid.

Version 2.69m:

❖ Heroes added: Roland, Valeska, Ivor, Neela, Torosar, Fafner, Ignatius, Galthran, Septienna, Shakti, Deemer, Gretchin, Terek, Tyraxor, Drakon, Wystan, Cassiopeia, Derek, Anabel, Bidley, Corkes.

❖ Heroes banned: Cuthbert, Melodia, Xarfax, Xsi, Zubin, Merist, Kalt.

❖ Removed Tactics Skill.

❖ Added Artifacts: Charm of Eclipse (10% Interference), Seal of Sunset (10% Interference), Amulet of the Undertaker, Dead Man's Boots and Vampire's Cowl.

(Video) Гайд по Jebus Outcast и Duel (cмотрим вместе с тшарупа) @Orange

❖ Frequency of Black Markets in the Desert and Side Treasuries increased to 50 (from 40).

❖ Treasuries can now generate as Conflux zones.

❖ Global rebalance of Dwellings. All T3 - T7 Dwellings are now categorized by tiers and their numbers depend on that.

❖ Added 2v2 / FFA version.

❖ L size version was replaced with 3 new templates: Der Stadt, Shadow Economy and Switzerland (1 is randomly selected on start / restart). Key differences: more diversity in comparison to the regular Duel template, player's entire biome looks like a city (with lots of low tier Dwellings), no Town Portal, tougher guards.


❖ Diplomacy changed to 25% joining.

❖ Conflux biomes will now have a Triple Build option (with Fort) but the value of Boxes and Dwellings is increased by 10%.

❖ Frequency of T4 Shrines is increased to 500 (from 150) but their number is reduced to 5 max.

T4 Pandoras of Castle and Cove are now limited to 3 max (was 4).

❖ Vampire box is no longer guaranteed and their number is limited to 1 max (Vampire Lords).

❖ All T5 boxes are now limited to 2 - 4 max (Stronghold - 2, Castle, Inferno, Dungeon, Fortress and Cove - 3, the rest is 4).

❖ Guaranteed boxes: Gremlins x4 and Stone Golems x3 (Tower), Dwarves x4 and Elves x3 (Rampart), Skeletons x4 and Walking Dead x4 (Necro), Harpies x3 (Dungeon), Sprites x5 (Conflux).

Side Treasuries.

❖ The odds of generating Dungeon town are greatly reduced.

❖ Guard value of Side Bunker entrances is reduced to 50k (from 60k).

Side Bunkers.

❖ Side Bunkers are no longer identical. There's now 2 variants.

❖ Neutrals Bunker - has a Conflux town and Diplomacy there is increased to 100% joins (Neutral creatures only, up to 80k value). Box rewards are Neutrals .

❖ Regular Bunker - has a town which mirrors central desert town, 50% joins (all creatures except Neutrals, up to 50k value). Pandoras can give high tier units of the desert faction.

❖ Bunker size was increased.

❖ Added Underground Cartographer (Reveals only underground areas for 10k gold).


❖ All corner towns will now match Side Treasuries.

❖ Fixed the issue with a missing Obelisk (30k value).

❖ Tier 7 boxes are now guaranteed, 3 upgraded and 3 un-upgraded.

❖ Oasis is now an extremely rare object.

2v2 / FFA version.

❖ Template structure was changed to allow more Bunkers.

❖ Added Triple Build town in the biome which replaces the copy of desert mid town.

(Video) Турнир [Elite Duelist Grand Final] Kyraha vs. Gongwazy (cast by twaryna) /stream 2022-02-06/

❖ 2 Dragon Utopias in the biome instead of 1.

❖ Added 1 Monolith in the Main Bunker which leads to a random spot in the biome.

Version 2.69l:

❖ Heroes banned: Deemer.

❖ FFA versions are removed. They will be re-introduced in the next JO update.

❖ Reduced chance for high tier boxes in all zones.

❖ Added Spells: Summon Air Elementals, Quicksand, Protection from Fire.

❖ Disabled Spells: Fire Shield, Inferno.

❖ Added Artifacts: Targ of the Rampaging Ogre (Ironfist set), Lion’s Shield of Courage (+4 all), Sword of Judgement (+5 all), Spellbinder’s Hat.

❖ Removed Artifacts: Equestrian's Gloves, Pendant of Negativity (anti-lightning).


❖ Players now start in the Bunker with 1 town. Conflux town can be found topside. Gold Mine guards now always join - the price is between 2000 and 7600 gold.

❖ Bunker size is reduced. Sometimes not all Knowledge power-ups spawn.


❖ Monks, Zealots, Roc and Thunderbird boxes are limited to 1 max.

❖ Frequency of Pandoras increased to 69 (from 40).

❖ Fixed unusually rich biomes, with too many Pandoras for Stronghold and Cove.

❖ All factions now have base number of boxes (minimum 3 except: Necropolis 5, Tower 6, Rampart 8).

❖ Number of T6 dwellings increased to 6 (from 5). 4 Nix Forts, 6 Hydra Ponds.

Side Treasuries.

❖ Boosted number of T6 and T7 Dwellings. Behemoth and Angels Dwellings are capped at 4.

❖ 1 guaranteed Library of Enlightenment.

❖ Side Bunkers will now have towns.


❖ Max value reduced to 40k (from 60k).

❖ Pandoras become random, same frequency as on Side Treasuries.

❖ Number of Libraries reduced to 4 (from 7).

❖ Frequency of T6 Dwellings increased to 80 (from 40), except Nix Forts.

L size.

❖ Max value reduced to 18k in the biome (from 22k).

(Video) King Of The Duel

❖ T5 Pandoras are removed. All factions have 4 guaranteed un-upgraded boxes.

❖ Oasis is disabled.

Developer notes.

Version 2.69k:

❖ Added FFA versions 4p (L - XL) and 8p (XL - H).

❖ New Skin: Mutare Human Form.

❖ Banned Hero: Beatrice.

❖ Added Spells: Counterstrike, Fire Shield and Inferno.

❖ Removed Spells: Anti-Magic, Cure, Resurrection, Animate Dead, and Quicksand.

❖ Added Artifacts: Cornucopia (as an assembled relic), Ring of Oblivion (Anti-resurrection), Pendant of Negativity (Anti-lightning), Pendant of Dispassion (Anti-berserk), Sphere of Permanence, Orb of the Firmament, Orb of Silt.

❖ Removed Artifacts: Spellbinder's Hat, Helm of Heavenly Enlightenment (6 all), Sword of Judgement (5 all), Lion's Shield of Courage (4 all), Targ of the Rampaging Ogre (Ironfist of the Ogre), Cape of Velocity, Cape of Silence.


❖ Rebalanced Dwellings.

❖ Rebalanced Boxes. Frequency of T1 boxes increased to 200 (6 max). Swordsman / Crusader limited to 4 max, Vampires 3 max (Vampire Lords disabled), Gorgons - no restrictions (Mighty Gorgons disabled), Stormbirds / Ayssids 4 max. Dendroid Guards frequency boosted to 500 (3 max).

❖ Relics can spawn again (70 frequency).

❖ Frequency of boxes increased to 40 (from 30).


Gold Mine is returned.

Side Treasuries.

❖ Can randomly generate as the Neutrals zone on Wasteland terrain (20% chance).

❖ Behemoth Crag and Portal of Glory dwellings limited to 5 max.

❖ 2 guaranteed Libraries of Enlightenment.

❖ Number of Dragon Utopias increased to 2 (from 1).

❖ Slightly increased frequency of boxes.


❖ Added T6 dwellings.

❖ Behemoth Crag and Portal of Glory dwellings limited to 7 max.

❖ -1 T5, T6, T7 boxes.

❖ T7 Pandoras now give only upgraded units.

❖ Number of Libraries of Enlightenment reduced to 7 (from 9).

(Video) BEGINNERS GUIDE FOR DUEL | Heroes 3 gaming with one hero

L size.

❖ Relics, Dragon Utopias and Libraries can’t spawn in the biome.

❖ Only 5 unit boxes per biome, one of each tier (except Rampart that gets 1 additional Dendroid box).

4p and 8p versions.

❖ 6 all spells boxes in the middle zone (55k value). Neutral towns are random and there's no guaranteed Conflux town. The Bunker in these versions becomes a straight tunnel with a Monolith at the end of it, which leads to the desert (60k guards).

Version 2.69j:

❖ Logistics returned.

❖ Added Heroes: Beatrice, Andal, Calid, Straker, Moandor, Ranloo, Kinkeria, Pyre, Monere.

❖ Banned Heroes: Anabel.

❖ Angelic Alliance can now be assembled.

❖ Added Artifacts: Cape of Velocity and Cape of Silence.

❖ Removed Artifacts: Sphere of Permanence and Pendant of Dispassion.

❖ Added spells: Anti-Magic, Cure, Resurrection, Animate Undead, Destroy Undead, Fireball and Quicksand.

❖ Removed spells: Summon Air Elemental, Fire Shield, Counterstrike and Inferno.

❖ Value of LVL4 spell scrolls is reduced to 4k.


❖ Relics can no longer spawn on the ground.

❖ Roadblocks are reduced.

❖ Consas, Hives and other Creature Banks of this type will now randomly spawn with low frequency.

❖ Number of Dragon Utopias reduced to 1 (from 2).

❖ Added 1 guaranteed Library of Enlightenment.

❖ Frequency of boxes reduced to 30 (from 69). Swordsmen, Vampire and Gorgon boxes are no longer limited in number. Instead their frequency is reduced to 3.

❖ More low tier Dwellings.

❖ +1 Dragon Cliffs and +1 Hydra Pond.


❖ Size is increased to fit up to 4 Gardens of Revelation. Gold Mine was moved topside.

Side Treasuries.

❖ Frequency of Pandoras and Dwellings is reduced. Number of Dragon Utopias reduced to 1 (from 3).


❖ Removed boxes with All Spells.

(Video) Heroes 3 HOTA - Duel lesson 101 - H34D vs tim101


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2. Герої українською [Duel N] twaryna vs. tim101 /stream 2022-08-11/
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